Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday April 25, 2008
9:15 AM

Our new garbage plan is not going to work. There is too much class one mixed in with the class three. We do not want to cause any problem for our contractor or the city. We will go back to the old system on Monday.

I had though that this would work and save the city several thousand dollars, but it did not. At least we tried. Sometime in the future we may be able to develop a system that will work and save some money.

The cost of fuel is steady going up. We will have to make some cuts in our budgets to allow us to purchase fuel. I do not look forward to making cuts, but we must stay in our budgets.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday April 22
4:00 PM

I have not written in several days.

The Killough Street project plans have been completed and we are now seeking bids. We will open bids on 5-2-08 and award the project at the May city council meeting.

The new garbage system is going well. We have have a very few complaints. Most of the comments have been very positive.

Today we changed the way we pick up commercial trash. We now seperate the class one and three. This will mean two trips to the compactor station/landfill each day, but the savings will be several dollars each day. I hope that this new system will work well.

I talked with Martin Smith this morning about the park project. Everything is on schedule, we are waiting on the highway dept. for approval to put the project out for bids. I look forward to the completion of this project.

The cemetery business has been slow for the past few days. Today we started our second mowing. I told Bruce that he could apply the grass killer any time he wanted to during the next few days. He said that he was ready--he said that he did not like to use the string trimmer.

I got a new cell phone today. I was only going to get a new battery, but Kevin said that it would be almost the same price if I got a new phone. We have no way of knowing if the battery would have corrected the problem, so I got a new phone.