Saturday, January 19, 2013

6:55 PM

Amy has revovered from her back problem and has returned to work.  She had several days of pain, but appears to be back to normal now.  She has been off work since Dec. 1, 2012.  She is glad to be back a work.

The weather was nice here today.  The temp was in the low 60 degrees and this afternoon I worked in the yard.  I moved a lot of stuff out of site on the back part of the house.  Last week I cleaned up an area behind the old horse barn.  Today I went through the stuff I had stored around the barn.  I moved most of it behind the barn.  The stuff is still in area, but you cannot see it unless you walk to the barn and look behind the barn.

Thursday and Friday of this week I installed quarter round in the bathrooms.  When we had the new floors installed I told the installers to throw away the quarter round.  I purchased new quarter round the week the floor was installed, but I had never installed the new.  I cut, stained and varnished and then installed the new quarter round.  It makes the bathrooms look mutch better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12:15 PM

The weather has been cold the last few days.  We have had a lot of rain and some sleet.

My truck was hit by a deer last Friday night.  I was driving from Corinth about 8:00 pm going down the highway at about 65 miles per hour.  Out of the night a deer appeared and hit the left side of my truck.  My brother in law was with me and we both thought that there would be damage to the truck.  When the deer hit my truck it made a loud noise and rocked the truck.  I drove to the next town and pulled in to a gas station with good lights.  We got out expecting to see a lot of damage.  We could find no scratch on the truck.  There was some hair on the running board and some blood and hair on the rear tire and rim.  We could not believe there was no damage.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

3:30 PM

The weather today  has been in the lower 60's today.  I picked  up the limbs that have fallen in the front yard over the past several weeks.  I then changed the oil and filters in my riding lawn mowers.  Grass cutting season will be here in a few short weeks and I wanted the mowers to be serviced and ready when the grass starts growing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3:30 PM

I went back to the doctor in Tupelo last week.  I had thought that he was going to do a procedure, but he decided to wait.  I will go back the last of January and he will make a decision on that date.

I have been enjoying my heated garage for the last several days.  I have spent quite a bit of time in the garage.  I have added some more shelves and unpacked an rearranged some of the items in the garage.  I still have to unpack some of my stuff from Wynne, but I have most of it arranged in the shop.

Amy is still off work with her back.  She thinks that she will go back to work late next week.  She had to go to the doctor on Monday.  She thought she had the flu, but it was not.  The doctor gave her some shots and medicine.  She is doing much better today.

I have been going to the coffee shop several days a week.  I enjoy visiting with the guys.

It is in the middle fifty degrees here today, but it has rained just about all day.  The temp for Saturday is predicted to be 73.  If it is that warm I will probably do some work in the yard.  I need to pick up some limbs that have fallen during the last few weeks.

Tommy has bought another accounting firm.  He plans to combine the two businesses in to one.  This new firm has a large amount of tax business, so he will be very busy from now till April 15.  He is excited about the additional business.  He has done some tax work over the years, but his tax business will greatly expand.  I am proud for him.

Pat has purchased an i pad.  She is learing how to use it.  She has wanted one for a while and now she has her very own.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

8:15 AM

It has been several days since I have written on this blog.  A lot has gone on since I last wrote.

I will be going to the surgeon in Tupelo today.  He plans to do a procedure that will correct a problem that I have dealt with since last April.  I hope this procedure works.

Amy has been off of work since the first of December.  She hurt her back at work and has not been able to to to work.  She has also moved since I last wrote.  I helped her move.  I had to make a trip to Wynne to get some of her household items from storage.  She and her roommate have a house now.  Her roommate bought a home in Southhaven.  They had been living in an apartment.  They seem to like the house much better.

We had a good Christmas time.  This year my family came to our house for breakfast.  For the last several years we have been going to my brothers home for breakfast.  Amy spent several days here during December.  She was not able to work, so she came home to be with family.  Her boyfriend came Christmas day and spent the day.  We enjoyed having him here that day and Amy for the several days she was able to spend with us.

I have been working in my garage quite a bit during the last several days.  No big projects, just being able to get our to the house.  I did add a TV to the garage in December.  I had one in Wynne, and I missed having a TV in the garage here in Iuka.

I went to the courthouse yesterday and had the property here in Iuka put in my name.  When I bought the property I gave mother a lifetime estate.  That meant that it stayed in her name until her death.  She died last January, but you have to wait until the first of next year to make the change.

I will try to write more often than I have during the last few weeks.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

9:00 PM

I went back to the doctor in Tupelo today.  Everything is fine.  The doctor is going to keep a check on my problem for the next several months.  I will go back to see him in four months then six months and then a year.  He thinks everything is OK and I have nothing to be concerned about.  It was very good news.

Since my test last week I have had some pain some fever.  I have felt very very bad.  The doctor said that it had nothing to do with the problem he has been working with me for the past several weeks.  I have spent several days in the bed with fever and feeling very bad.  Today was a good day.  I only had a small fever late this afternoon and have had no pain.  He told me to take Advil four times a day for a few days and everything should be fine.  On Tuesday I told Pat that I was tired of feeling bad.  I think everything is going to be fine in a day or two.

Amy came home on Saturday morning.  Tommy and I went to the Mississippi State game on Saturday.  As always happens when she comes home, she got a call early Sunday morning to return to Memphis for a job.  We hated to see her go so soon, but we are glad she is able to make some extra money.

She is home now for two days.  She is off this week Thursday and Friday.  If it goes as it has over the past several visits she will get a call and have to return early.  But we are glad that we get to spend some time with her.

Pat and I plan to meet some old friends of ours in Tupelo on Saturday afternoon and have supper together and have a good long visit.  We look forward to seeing them again.

It has turned cool here again.  The highs this week are in the low to middle fifties.  It is November.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OCTOBER 31, 2012
9:00 PM

We did not have any trick or treats tonight.  Last year we had one.  We used to have several hundred in Wynne until we started leaving town on Halloween night.  Several years we had over 400 kids.

It has gotten cooler here.  We have had some frost for the past several mornings.  We have not had a killing frost yet,  the grass is still green.  I have picked up the leaves several times over the past few days.  It is easier to stay up with them falling rather than deal with all of them at one time.

On Monday I cut the new quarter round to go around the new kitchen cabinets.  I also stained it and put the finish on the quarter round.  On Tuesday morning I installed it around the new cabinets. 

Yesterday I also built a patio.  Last week  Pat and I bought some concrete stones to build the patio  If is about seven feet by twelve feet.  It looks good.  We still plan to build a deck on the back of the house but that will be some time in the future.

Pat and I went to the tri-cities on Friday night.  Tommy's daughter was in a senor play at her school.  That was the first time I had been to a high school play in years.  We went over to Tommy's house on Saturday night for supper and watch the Miss State and Alabama football game.  We enjoyed the food, but the game was a bummer for State fans.

I will be going to the hospital in Tupelo tomorrow for another test.  I will go back to the doctor next week and he will discuss my options based on the results of the test.  I am not looking forward to the test, but I am ready to find out about my condition and how it will be treated or if no treatment is necessary at this time.