Saturday, October 23, 2010

6:51 PM

I spent most of the day on the road today. I went to Iuka to see mother. She seems to be doing OK under the conditions. She has to go to the meal table in a wheel chair. She had to go to the doctor this week for a shot for her back. She told me today that the pain was less but she is taking pain medicine. She seems in good spirits.
I also visited for a while with Aunt Ginny. She is doing well. I also talked to David on the phone. On the way to Iuka I stopped in Burnsville and went to a car show. There was a very good turnout of old cars and trucks. I did not count them but there were more than 100 I think. There was also a good turnout of people to work the car show and visitors viewing the cars.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10:00 PM

Yesterday Theda and I completed the draft of the expenditure budgets for the city for 2011. We will work on the draft for the revenue budgets over the next few days. I hope to have the final copy ready by the end of next week. After that I plan to meet with the city council budget committee during the first week of November. I plan to present the final draft to the city council at the November meeting. They will have one month and then will vote on the budget at the December meeting. Next years budget is almost the same as this years budget. There are some minor adjustments and a raise for the city employees.

I have a meeting in Jonesboro in the morning. The director of the planning and development district is retiring at the end of the year. I am on the executive committee and we will choose the replacement. We have had one meeting about this opening and decided to hire professional search to help with the process. Tomorrow we will have to take a vote to hire the help and to spend the money for the professional help. The process will take four to six months of complete, but the board feels that we will select a better replacement using this process.

This afternoon I met with a family to choose cemetery plots for their parents. The father is near death and the mother is not in good health.

Pat is enjoying her vacation in Florida. I miss her and Oscar, but I am glad she is able to spend this time in Florida.

I am not going to the Mississippi State football game this weekend. I gave my tickets to my brother in law. He or his daughter and her husband plan to use the tickets. The game is important, but it is not an SEC conference game. I usually go to all conference games and most years I skip some of the non conference games.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2:52 PM

I had a very busy week at work this week. I had a number of meetings and other items to take care of for the city.

Yesterday I spent about four hours racking leaves. There are already a number of leaves that have fallen since yesterday. It is a never ending job until all of the leaves fall from the trees. I try to stay up with the falling leaves, so it is easier to remove them from the yard.

I had to take care of a burial yesterday afternoon at Cogbill. After the funeral I conducted a wedding at the country club. The wedding was held outside and the reception was in the clubhouse. The wedding was well attended and was a beautiful wedding. I had attended the practice on Friday night. After the practice we were treated to a great meal. I wish that I had kept with the weddings that I have performed. I have not. I have done a large number.

I went to Sunday School and Church this morning. Everybody was proud for me about the Mississippi State win last night. They beat Florida ten to seven. It was a good game.

The election is on November 2nd. I will be glad when it is over. Early voting starts tomorrow.

Pat is still in Florida and having a good time. She will vote absentee. The ballot will be mailed to her in Florida.

It is still dry here. We did have 2/10 of an inch on Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9:30 AM

The Wynne City Council meet last night for the regular monthly meeting. Following is a report of actions:

1. Heard the year end report from the mosquito contractor

2. Accepted a proposal from Rivercity Hydraulics for the purchase of two new garbage trucks. The trucks will be delivered next year.

3. Dr. Mike Norris gave the council a report on the activities of the Wynne Friends of Animals.

4. Passed resolutions setting the property tax for the city

5. Discussed the master plan for the city parks---We plan to review the plan and sometime before the end of the year develop the plan the city will follow relating to the city park system.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

8:05 AM

I have been on vacation since Tuesday morning. Pat and I went to Panama City on Tuesday. We had a good time doing nothing. We did travel around the coast. The weather was very good, but we did have to have a light jacket much of the time. I returned to Wynne yesterday.

I made a stop in Iuka to visit with mother. She had to go to an assisted care home this past week. She fell twice this past week at her home. She seemed to accept the situation and she seemed happy to be in the home. She would prefer to be at home, but she understands the need for the aid that the assisted care home provides.

The weather has warmed up quite a bit over the last few days. Yesterday it was in the low 90's.

The city council meets on Tuesday night of this week. I will post a report after the meeting.

I talked with Amy three times yesterday. She had a call last night from one of the places that she works. She had to make a removal and embalm a body. She was glad to get the work.