Saturday, March 31, 2012

1:45 PM

I took off yesterday, almost.

I made a trip to Corinth yesterday morning to check on some building material and pick up a few items we needed.  It rained all morning.

Yesterday afternoon I washed my old truck.  Then I took it for a drive.  I drove it for about an hour.  I crank it from time to time, but this is the first time I have driven it in several weeks.

I did plant a couple of plants for Pat.  We have planted several plants this spring.

Amy was off on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  She came home Wednesday evening and stayed until Thursday afternoon.  It was good to have her visit.  She seems to enjoy coming to Iuka and getting away from work and Memphis.

Pat and I went to Corinth this morning.  She is going to take a class beginning on Monday and she needed some supplies for the class.

Later this afternoon we are going to a birthday for Pat's brothers grandchild.  She and her family have just moved here from Fort Worth.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

8:20 PM

I went on the car cruse on Saturday.  We had a very good time.  We went to the Shiloh and there we saw the movie and then toured the battlefield in our cars.  We then went to Counce and had lunch.  Everybody seemed to have a very good time.  Pat did not get to go with me.  One of the members of her garden club died and the funeral was Saturday.  The members of the club were honorary pallbearers.

I have been working on my garage.  I have all of the walls framed and siding on about 1/4 of it.  It is ready to have the trusses installed.  I have to figure out how to get the trusses on top of the walls.  When I do some friends of mine are going to help me install them.  When the trusses are installed I will purchase the metal roof and install that.

The weather has been excellent here, and I have enjoyed working our in the yard and on my garage.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

8:30 PM

I have just returned from the car club meeting.  I joined the club last month.  We meet and eat at  a local cafe once a month.  We are going to have a cruse on Saturday.  We are going to a park in Tenn. and then have lunch together in Counce Tenn.

I have three walls framed for my new garage.  I have been working the last several days on the front porch of our home.  The porch had dropped about an inch or two.  That caused the brick on the wall to drop.  I hired a man to remove the brick and then the concrete contractor came and took our the old floor and the poured a new floor.  Pat and I decided not to replace the brick.  We decided to replace the brick with cedar wood.  I have now completed that work.  The porch looks very good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10:30 PM

I started building the walls on my new garage today.  The lumber company delivered the lumber this morning and the trusses were also delivered this morning.  I got one wall framed and started on the second one today.  I also made a quick trip to Corinth.  I wanted to check on the sizes of  the garage doors that I can purchase and I also need to know the rough opening to frame for the doors. 

The concrete contractor was here today.  They removed the old floor and prepared it to pour a new floor tomorrow.  The contractor told me a place I could purchase a few brick to complete the job.  The man who removed the brick did an excellent job. I was able to clean up about eighty five percent of the bricks.  The concrete contractor told me where I could purchase the brick I need to complete the job.  He also told me that he could get me in touch with a brick layer who would do this small job.

While I was in Corinth at the glass company I hired them to replace some of the window glass in some of our windows.  We have a few that have lost the gas that is between the two pains of glass.  This causes the glass to lose the insulating value and it also sweats.  We have parts of about four windows that will have to be repaired.

We are going to replace all of the floor covering in the house.  We are going to have tile installed in the family room/kitchen an bathrooms.  The bedrooms, living room and dining room will have a floating wood floor.  The floors have been ordered and should be installed in about three week.

These projects will complete most of the updates and repairs to the house.  There are some small projects we have to complete,  but they are much smaller and will not cost very much.

I will be working on my garage for the next several days.  I plan to frame the building and get the roof installed and the slow down and complete the building over the next few months.  I discussed with a contractor today the heating and cooling and the electrial today.  When the time comes I will  probable hire him to complete this part of the garage for me.

The weather is warming up and the grass is growing.  That means that I will be cutting grass on a regular basis.  I enjoy working in the yard, but my yard here is so much bigger that the yard I cut for almost 40 years in Wynne.

Friday, March 9, 2012

4:00 PM

The floor covering company measured the house yesterday.  Pat and I went to the store today and picked out the covering we are going to have installed.  The material will be here in about a week.  The owner said that they do not schedule the installation till the product is in the store.  He said that it usually takes about two weeks after the product is in the store to do the installation.  We should have the new floors in about three weeks.

We had a big rain here late yesterday afternoon and last night.

Amy will probably come home for the week end.  She has something to do tonight and will come tomorrow.
She might sleep a big portion of the day.  She has been very busy since her last week end off.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

6:30 PM

Pat and I went to Memphis to the doctor today.  Pat had to get a shot for her hip.  She had one in the other hip about two weeks ago.  The shot worked and the doctor thinks these shots will solve her problem.  The first one has worked well.

We had lunch in Germantown with a lot of old people.  We ate at a cafeteria.  A larger of the customers were older people.  The food was good and they had an excellent selection.

After the doctor appointment we went to the funeral home and visited with Amy and her coworkers.  They have been very busy for the last several days, but we caught them at  a break between jobs.  Pat carried them some brownies that she baked this morning.

When we got home the man working on our front porch has been here and removed the remaining brick.  He has to remove the floor and then the concrete contractor will come an pour a new porch floor.

We are going to install new floor covering in the house.  We plan to have wood floors in all of the house except the bathrooms and the kitchen and family room.  The company will be here tomorrow to measure the house.  He called while we were in Memphis, so he said that he would come tomorrow for the measurements.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5:45 PM

I have not written in several weeks.  Everything is fine, I have just not taken the time to write.

On cold days I just stayed it the house and enjoyed doing nothing.  On the nice days I have been working in the yard.  The biggest project has been smoothing out the dirt where I had a new field line put in last year.  We have had a lot of rain, so it took several weeks to complete the job.

I had to spend some time taking care of, with the help of my brothers, taking care of the business that must be done when a family member dies.  I think everything is complete.  We are waiting on a monument for my father.  The company forgot to put some information the monument.  They should complete the work this week and set the monument.  We have already paid for the monument, so we have closed mother's accounts and settled the estate.

The contractor has poured the slab for my new garage.  Because of the rain and the temperature they did it as do a good job with the slab.  I have ordered the trusses and plan to purchase the material to frame the building this week.   I plan to get the building framed and a roof on and the take my time completing the job.  I look forward to doing the work and then getting to use the garage.

I have hired a man to repair my front porch.  Part of the process is take the brick off of about 20 feet of the front house wall.  I have a man doing that when he has the time.  He has completed about one third of the removal of the brick.  He was careful taking off the brick, so I spent most of the day cleaning the brick.  I plan to reuse the brick when we remove the floor and replace it.

I talked with three of my good buddies from Wynne today.  It was good to visit with them on the phone.

Pat and I will go to Memphis tomorrow.  She has to get a shot from a doctor.  We will go by and see Amy, if she can take a short break.  It all depends on the work going on when we get to go to the funeral home.

She came to Iuka two weeks ago and spent the weekend.   She had a good time and so did Pat and I.

I still go to the coffee shop and keep up on all of the information about Iuka and Tishomingo county.

Pat and I are enjoying living in Iuka and not having to go to work everyday.  We have never regretted retiring and moving to Iuka, but we both miss Wynne and our many friends.