Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1:08 PM

I spent most of the morning in Jonesboro and traveling to and from. I went to my doctor that old men have to visit. I got a good report.

I have had a tremendous weight gain. (The nurse always weighs patients) I have gained three pounds in the last two years.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

9:27 AM

The last few days have been unusual in the operation of the city. Last week one of our police cars was in the shop for some repairs. The mechanic was test driving the car and had an accident that totaled our car and probably the car he hit. The accident was determined to be the fault of the driver of our car.

The fire department had some truck problems last week that caused two of the trucks to be out of service for a period of time. This happened while the chief was on vacation but he returned and took care of the problems.

The street department has been working for several days on a drainage project. Yesterday the surveying equipment that is owned by the street department stopped working. We borrowed an instrument from a local business and it quit working. We then borrowed an instrument from another business that worked so the work continues. During this down time we made a trip to Jonesboro to purchase a new instrument. When we arrived at Jonesboro the supplier did not have the equipment we needed in stock. We have ordered a new instrument, but it will be several days before we can have it delivered. In the meantime, the local business is allowing the city to use his instrument. It is good to have good relations with our local community that allows us to borrow equipment on an emergency basis.

The temperature has been very high the last few days. Yesterday, because of the high temperature, we sent the residential garbage personnel home early. They plan to complete yesterdays route this morning.

We also have a potential problem with one of our employees. I hope for the best, but it does not look good at the present time.

One of my department heads commented yesterday about problems that he is dealing with in his department. I reminded him that I have to also deal with not only his problems, but I have two other departments that I have to deal with and try to make the best decisions for myself, the department, the employee and the residents of the city. But, I am not complaining, I asked for this job and am thankful that the citizens have given me the opportunity to serve in this position.

Monday, June 22, 2009

MONDAY JUNE 22, 2009
11:10 AM

I attended the annual convention of the Arkansas Municipal League in Hot Springs last Wednesday through Friday. The convention was very good. The program included information that will aid me as I serve as mayor. We had very good speakers, the food was excellent, the concurrent workshops were very informative and we had a wide variety of vendors.

I also enjoyed visiting with my friends from around the state and discussing our mutual problems and solutions.

There was an excellent discussion about the laws that have been recently passed by the general assembly that the city must implement. Don and several members of the general assembly presented the program and it was very good.

This year marks the 75th year for the AML. One of the meal functions had as guest most of the living past presidents. Several of them made short presentations about the year they served as president of the league. The league also had a short video produced about the league and the highlights of the past 75 years. The video was very very good and the audience seemed to enjoy the film.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

9:21 AM

It has been quiet at city hall so far this week. I will go to Hot Springs tomorrow to attend the convention of the Arkansas Municipal League. I look forward to the meeting. I will get to visit with my friends from around the state. I will also get to visit with some of the vendors who sell products to the city. I will be in charge of one of the sessions on Thursday afternoon.

Amy came to Wynne over the weekend. It was good to get to visit with her for the two days she was in Wynne.

This past weekend was Farmfest celebration in Wynne. The activities were moved back to the old section of town this year. Overall the move worked out well. There were a few glitches, but overall I think that it was a successful event. I work, as I have for several years, the 5K race and walk. The numbers were down from the numbers that have participated in the past, but the race/walk was a success. After the race, Pat and I enjoyed pancakes. The veterans committee uses this breakfast as one of their fundraisers. We enjoyed the pancakes and visiting with citizens and the race/walk participants.

The wedding and cemetery business has been slow for me for several days. I have not had a wedding or a funeral for several days.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8:51 AM

The city council meeting last night was very short. Action taken included the following:

Heard a report from our mosquito contractor---They are changing the way they handle individual reports of problems. They will do those request as they spray the city and not with a hand held device as in the past.

Approved Larry Jones for a three year term on the Equalization Board.

Approved a layoff policy for city employees.

Approved a deduction from fireman wages to be used for a scholarship.

Approved a request for a variance in ward two. This will allow the property owner to place a manufactured home in R2.

Very good and short meeting.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1:50 PM

The city council meets tonight. We have a short agenda and the meeting should not take very long.

The street department has been working on a drainage project in ward 3. When the project is complete drainage should be much improved in this section of town.

This weekend is Farmfest in Wynne. I hope everything goes well. The location has been changed this year. The event will be held in downtown Wynne. This is where the celebration began several years ago. The committee has worked very hard and some long hours on this project.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3:30 PM

Today has been a very quiet day for me. I have not had a single person come to my office or I have not had a single call. There have been very few calls to city hall today.

The street department is working on a drainage project on Block Street and west to the railroad line. When the project is complete, the drainage in that section of town will be greatly improved. I am sure the residents will be glad to have some help with water on their property.

Amy is doing much better. Every day she is making progress.