Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8:10 PM

Pat and I went to Iuka last Friday.  I came home on Monday.  Pat will stay until next week.  I enclosed about one half of the carport.  I did this to have a place to store the stuff I have in my storage building and in my garage.  I plan to build a garage in Iuka once we get settled in.  I also did some yard work.  It was very hot and I worked a few minutes and then took breaks and drank plenty of water.

Pat's sister came on Sunday and plans to stay until next week.  They have done some rearranging of the furniture in the house.  Yesterday and today Pat gave away some of our excess furniture.  We have to get rid of quite a bit to have room for our furniture when we move.

We had supper on Sunday evening with Pat's sister and two brothers.  It was the first time they have all been together in several months.  I also visited with my brothers over the weekend.  Tommy helped me with my building project some on Saturday.

The asphalt contractor started the overlay work last Wednesday.  As of yesterday afternoon he had completed about 75 percent of the work.  He had thought that he could complete the job in one week.  It looks like he will be able to complete the work in one week. 

I have to go to Jonesboro on Thursday for two meeting at the planning district.  The executive committee will meet at ten in the morning and the full board will meet at noon.  This will be the first meeting with our new executive director.  I am looking forward  to these two meetings.  They will be my last on these boards.

The city council will meet next week.  I will make a report here after the meeting.  It will be late, because the day after the council I will be attending my last Arkansas Municipal League Convention as an elected official.  I may attend one in the future, because at the last meeting of the executive committee they voted to make me a lifetime member of the AML.  That is quite an honor.  I was notified today that I will be receiving an award at the convention.  I am grateful for the honor of this award.  I will receive it at the luncheon on the last day of the convention.

It has been hot here and in Iuka for the past several days.  It has been in the upper 90's.  It seems like we went from cool weather to summer in about one day.

I voted this morning in the special election to replace me as mayor.  Several people told me on the way in and out of the courthouse that they did not vote for me.  I thanked them for not voting for me this time and
also for voting for me in the past.