Thursday, April 23, 2009

3:30 PM

Amy is no longer working at the funeral home she has worked at for the past 22 months. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through this difficult time in her life.

I have spent quite a bit of time working on a layoff/reduction in force policy for the past few weeks. I have met several times with the department heads about this issue. I think that we have what we want in the document. We will meet one more time to discuss the final draft of the policy. If we all agree on the latest draft, I will submit it to the lawyer for his approval. If he approves, I plan to present it to the city council at the May meeting for adoption.

I attended a meeting of the solid waste board this morning. On positive note, it appears we will be funded for a grant to replace our wood chipper. It is our turn to receive money for projects like this. We spent most of the meeting time discussing the failure of garbage haulers not taking waste to the proper landfill. I have been on this board for eleven years and this has been a problem the entire time. I think that we are finally to the point of taking legal action to force haulers to comply with the regulations of the district. It is a very complicated issue and legal action could be very disruptive to cities and counties as well as expensive to take legal action. I think that it is time to take legal action. If we do not the problem will never be corrected.

Monday, April 20, 2009

3:15 PM

I took off a couple of hours early on Friday. I went home and worked in the yard. I had wanted to go to Memphis on Saturday to the Super Chevy Show, so I needed to complete the yard work on Friday. I completed a large portion of the work, but I did not completely finish.

On Saturday morning the weather forecast was for rain in Wynne and in Memphis. I decided not to go to the Chevy Show. I did not want to get wet and I sure did not want to walk around it the mud. It turned out that it did not rain until late Saturday afternoon. I worked in the yard most of the day. I still did not complete all of the projects that I had planned before the rain.

Later Saturday afternoon, after the rain began, I had to come to the City Hall and provide information to a family about cemetery plots. They had an unexpected death and they needed cemetery information to complete the arrangements.

When Pat and I left for church yesterday morning it was raining. When church was over the rain had stopped. Yesterday afternoon I took naps, watched TV and generally relaxed. We had another rain late Sunday afternoon, but by the time we went to church it had stopped.

I have been kinda busy today but I have not had to rush to compete the work I had to complete. I have revised the layoff policy for the city. I have asked the department heads to complete their revisions before our meeting on Thursday morning. My plan is for all of us to come to an agreement and then present our copy to the lawyer for approval. If all of that happens I plan to present it to the council for adoption at the May meeting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9:13 AM

No wedding yet today, but it is early in the day.

The Wynne City Council met last night for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was short but we took care of business.

The council accepted the regulations for the removal of class three and four trash. They also increased the residential rates by $3.oo per month to a total of $18.00 per month to pay for the service.

They also agreed to allow the Wynne Friends of Animals to sell city dog tags for the city. This should increase our sale of dog tags and will also produce a little money for the group. I am glad that the WFA agreed to take on this job.

We also discussed the cost of improvements to MLK. The estimated cost for the improvements is $1,520,021.00. We do not have the money to even start this project, but at least now we know the amount of funds that are needed to complete the project at some future date. The cost is only good for the present time, but at least we know the amounts of each item to complete the project. The cost could increase or decrease in the future.

I reported on the delivery of the new commercial garbage truck and a letter from the cable TV company about their agreement with the city. It expires in a few years, but they want the process to extend their agreement. The main purpose was to inform the council about the discussions and allow them to participate in the discussions if they want to hear the presentations.

The council also approved my appointment of Richard Klerk to the Wynne Tree Board.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1:17 PM

8:30 AM

I had to take a break from writing to perform a wedding. I did not know the couple, but they showed up with a marriage license and I married them. Just another day in the life of a small town mayor.

Yesterday was a good medical day for Pat and also for me. Pat went to Jonesboro for her annual checkup and she got a very good report.

I had my eyes checked yesterday afternoon. Dr. Mitchell said that he could provide correction for my eyes, but the correction needed was so small that if I was not having any problems seeing he would suggest no correction. I do not have any problems seeing, so I said I choose not to wear glasses. Everything else that he checked was also fine. Usually people my age start to have some problems, but as yet I have none. Very good day.

Jerry and I met with the solid waste committee yesterday afternoon. I presented them with proposed regulations for the handling of class three trash when we begin to pick it up again on Wednesday. They supported the regulations that I presented and I will present the to the full council tonight for adoption. The rules that I presented are the result of input from Jerry, me, and the city council members. I just thought that it would be a good time to establish rules to deal with this type of trash. Everybody will now understand the regulations for dealing with this issue.

Monday, April 13, 2009

9:11 AM

The weather was good on Saturday and I got to complete most of my yard work. I enjoyed working outside on Saturday and as I said, I completed most of the work I had planned.

Pat purchased some bar-b-que from the fire department on Saturday afternoon and that was what we had for lunch. I ate too much, but it was really good. They use the profit from the fundraiser to pay for toys for needy children at Christmas time and to fund the scholarships that they provide for fireman's children. I appreciate the hard work the fireman do to have the fundraiser and they use the money for good causes.

We did not have Sunday School yesterday. We only had two preaching services in the morning. Pat and I went at our usual time of 8:30 AM. The attendance was good at the service we attended. There are a number of people who only go to church on Easter Sunday. One day a year is better than none.

Between the services the church provided snacks and drinks. Pat and I participated in the function. The attendance was very good and Pat and I enjoyed visiting with friends during that time.

The residential garbage truck had to be carried to the shop on Friday. They completed the work on Saturday and Jerry picked up the truck on Sunday. This morning everything was working fine.

Pat in in Jonesboro today. She is having her annual check up. I hope everything is OK. I have an appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon. I am not aware of any problems, but at my age I need to have that verified by a doctor.

I have a meeting today at 5:00PM with the solid waste committee. I hope to finalize the regulations for class three and four garbage. I anticipate that the city council will adopt the regulations at their Tuesday night meeting. I also anticipate that they will increase the fee to $18.00 per month to cover the increased cost.

Friday, April 10, 2009

3:08 PM

I am feeling better today than I have in several days. I hope that I continue to improve.

The residential garbage truck had trouble this morning. They were able to get it going without the mechanic. We have certainly had our problems with garbage trucks the last few weeks. The new truck is working fine. We have had no issues with it since we put it in service the first part of the week.

It has been cool here today. I had hoped that the weather would be good this weekend. I wanted to do some yard work. If the temperature does not get higher, I will spend the weekend inside and the yard work can be completed at a later time.

This is Easter weekend. I look forward to attending church services on Sunday morning. We are not going to have Sunday school this weekend. We are only having two worship services on Sunday morning. No Sunday night services. We have been encouraged to spend the time with our families.

Next week should be very busy. I have a solid waste committee meeting on Monday evening. I hope to have the rules for the class three trash adopted. I will then ask the city council to adopt them at the April meeting on Tuesday night.

I also have to attend the Chamber of Commerce Board meeting next week and the CCEDC board also meets next week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The new garbage truck seems to be working fine. I hope that it continues without any trouble.

I finally got a draft copy of a layoff policy for the city from the lawyer. The staff and I discussed it in our staff meeting this morning. We think that it will meet our needs. We will review it again and I will discuss it with the lawyer. My plan is to present it to the council for action at the May meeting. That is the last step in closing out the EEOC investigation of the city.

I have prepared rules for class three pickup in Wynne. I anticipate that the council will increase the rates and begin the service for all residents of Wynne. My plan is to meet with the solid waste committee on Monday for a final decision and then present it to the council for action on Tuesday night. My list came from information presented to me by the city council members. Not all of them presented me with information, but I took the information presented and came up with rules.

I am feeling better today, but I am not totally recovered. I will be glad when I am back to normal.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3:40 PM

I am back a work after missing two days. Pat, Amy and I went to Iuka this weekend. I felt very bad but did get to visit with family members a little bit. We came home early Sunday morning and I went to bed.

I went to the doctor on Monday morning and got some medicine. I spent all of Monday and Tuesday in bed. I felt much better this morning and came to work.

The city took delivery of a new garbage truck on Monday. This is the replacement for the commercial truck that has been causing a lot of trouble the last few weeks. I hope that the new one works out OK.

Friday, April 3, 2009

1:49 PM

I think that we have solved the garbage truck problem. I have just signed the loan for a new garbage truck. Tri State called this morning with a proposal that I could not turn down. They have been working on our truck every day for the last two weeks and could not get it properly repaired. They agreed to pay off our present truck and deliver our new truck early. The new lease will be for 30 months rather than 24. They added full coverage for the new truck for 30 months rather than 24. The bottom line is that the city will save about $22,000.00 by accepting this offer. Seemed like a no brainier to me.

I hope that the new truck is trouble free.

I appeared on Yawn Patrol this morning as a chamber of commerce board member. I was there representing the chamber and welcoming a new chamber member. The new member is Delta Environmental. Glen Eaton appeared with me. The program went well and Glen was able to explain the business of his company.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2:25 PM

I made a quick trip to West Memphis yesterday after work. The body shop had completed the work on Amy's car and she needed some money to pay her part of the bill.

She called me this morning and told me that her car looked brand new. She said that there was no evidence of the damage.

She mowed her lawn yesterday. She said the the new lawn mower was awesome. I am glad she had a new dependable mower.

They worked on the commercial garbage truck again today and will be back tomorrow to work on it again. They got it going today, but they will come back tomorrow and install two new parts. I will be glad when they finally get the truck repaired. It has been difficult for he sanitation department to deal with.

Sherman Banks was here this morning to interview me for City & Town. That is the magazine of the Arkansas Municipal League. The main reason for the interview was to write about my going on KWYN after each council meeting and discussing the council meeting. He will also write about me being a blogger. He seamed impressed that I do the radio show each month and that I also write about the city on my blog.

He made a few pictures and I will make some of me at the radio station in the morning. I am going to be on the radio to discuss chamber of commerce business and the host will be there who work when I talk about the city. We will stage some pictures for the magazine article.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1:15 PM

I am feeling much better today. I am not back 100% but each day gets better.

The garbage truck had to be worked on again yesterday. They think that they may finally have it repaired. I hope so. On Monday I asked the salesman to give me the cost to go ahead and take delivery of our new truck. He promised on Monday to get me the cost. It is now Wednesday and I do not have a cost.

The CCEDC board met yesterday afternoon. The meeting was called to get input and have discussion about the funding for economic development. There were no decisions made, but the consensus seems to be hold another election county wide. Passing the tax will be a hard sale but if the county is to move forward, we must have funding.