Friday, January 30, 2009

1:15 PM

I was very busy yesterday. I know---that is what I get paid to do.

I started the day with my weekly staff meeting. Shortly after the meeting I went to North Little Rock for a AML Executive committee meeting. The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, but because of the weather the meeting was moved up one day. We had a very interesting meeting. The majority of the time was spent discussing bills that the Arkansas Legislature will be acting on over the next few weeks. The AML has several bills that have been or will be introduced. The staff feels good about the chances of the bills passing. We discussed a number of bills that the sponsors want the AML to support. There were a number that we agreed to support and several that we took a neutral position on an some that we oppose.

I have been involved with this committee for the past several years. I attended the meetings for the two years that I was an Advisory Committee chairman. I also attended the meeting the year that I was Vice-President. I have been a member for the past several years. Yesterday was the smallest group that I have ever seen at these meetings. The reason was the weather. There were basically no members attending from north of I 40 and west of I 30.

I had to leave the meeting early to return to Wynne to help with and then attend the Chamber of Commerce banquet. The banquet was very good and the attendance was excellent.

This morning a group of citizens from Cross County attended a breakfast meeting with the speaker from the banquet last night. He is a site consultant. Arron made a presentation for the group about the economic development possibilities in Cross County. The site consultant commented about the effort of our group. He implied that we were on the right track with the work of our group. He also offered some advice as we move forward with our economic development program. Overall a very good meeting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1:00 PM

I did not bid on the Ford pickup that I went and looked at on Saturday. I was not prepared to give the reserve price. The auction closed and the reserve was not met. The owner called me yesterday afternoon and offered the truck to me at a lower price. I ask him if I could think about it until this morning. He said OK. I decided not to purchase the truck.

We got some snow this morning. I got up a few minutes before five this morning and it was snowing very heavy. The temperature was 33 degrees. It snowed for about 30 minutes. We had about 1/2 inch of snow. The temperature now is about 26 and most of the snow is gone. There have not been any problems in the city that I am aware of. The city did not start trash pickup until about 10. The police told me that there had not been any accidents in the city this morning. Pat did not have any problems getting to work. Power outages are a problem north of Wynne. Ice has caused many problems. I am glad that we missed the ice.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

9:18 AM

I have been busy since I have written on this blog. I guess that is what I get paid for.

I went to Red Bay Alabama to look at a 1955 Ford pickup on Saturday. I do not think that I am interested in this truck for the price. I could change my mind. The auction ends today.

I also went by mothers and had a good visit with her while I was coming from Red Bay. I also stopped by and visited with Aunt Ginny. It was a long day and many miles. I was a tired puppy when I got home.

Amy came to Wynne on Sunday afternoon. She stayed several hours and Pat and I enjoyed having her home for a few hours.

The weather is predicted to be bad here later today. ICE

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have not been in the office since last Wednesday morning. I attended the AML winter conference in Little Rock Wednesday through Friday. I got home about 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon. We had a very good conference. I heard some information that I have heard before, and I also gained some valuable information that will help me in the future.

There were quite a few speakers speaking about the new legislative session that in now meeting in Little Rock. The lottery, that was approved by the Arkansas voters, will be taking quite a bit of time and work to complete. The legislature has already spent a lot of time and study working out the details of how the Arkansas lottery will work. They plan to submit a plan and then make adjustments as necessary to get the details passed this session. They hope to be able to start selling tickets early in 2010.

Another big issue for the general assembly is a trauma system for the state of Arkansas. We do not now have a trauma system. The governor has proposed to pay for the system by increasing the price of tobacco. His proposal is to increase the price of a pack of cigarette by 56 cents. He also proposes to increase the price of other tobacco products about the same percentage. This in not a done deal. They will probably look at other ways to fund the proposal, but I think that a majority of the funding will come from tobacco. Some of the money will also go to fund better health care for the state in addition to the trauma system. Living in Wynne, I sometimes take the Med in Memphis for granted. This is the trauma system that is used by Eastern Arkansas. There are several locations in Arkansas that have very limited access to this type of service.

I enjoyed the conference. I also enjoyed seeing my friends from around the state. It is always informative to discuss city problems with other city personnel from around the state. I have always gained valuable information from these informal discussions.

Pat's sister was here from Friday through yesterday morning. It was good to have her visit and allow she and Pat to enjoy each others company.

The Wynne City Council met for the first time of 2009 last Tuesday evening. It was a routine meeting, except I gave my State of The City Address. Short and Sweet......... We have two new council members on this body. The new members are Terri Morris and Ronnie Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin won an open seat and Mrs. Morris defeated a city council member. I think that they will make excellent public servants for their wards. I look forward to working with them, as well as the eight returning members.

I went with Jerry this morning to Bay. We picked up a garbage truck. We will use it today to aid in the pickup of trash. We have to pick up two wards today, because yesterday was a holiday for the city. We will also use it while our truck in in the shop for a recall.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

11:12 AM

I have just made a quick trip to West Memphis. I had to find Amy's birth certificate and take it to her. She went on Monday to renew her diver license. She was told that she had to have a certified copy of her birth certificate to complete the process.

I was waiting at the bank at 8:30 and was the first customer to enter the bank. I found her birth certificate with a little effort. I then made the trip to West Memphis so she can get her license.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1:20 PM

I spent most of yesterday working situations in the sanitation and street department. It is time to place orders for new garbage trucks. Jerry and I met with a salesman yesterday and discussed some of the options that we need to choose. Jerry had driven (actually picked up garbage) with a demonstrator truck. He was impressed with the truck. He thinks that the truck and container are the type we need to purchase.

Jerry and I will meet next Tuesday with representatives of the truck company and the equipment dealer to make our final decisions. It will take about two or three weeks for them to develop specs for the machines. We will then have to advertise for bids and then award a bid. We will probably be able to place and order in February. It takes about 9 months from the order date to delivery date. We need to have the trucks delivered in October.

The city started the new system of trash disposal for class three on Monday of this week. We have had a small amount of trash delivered to the shop. As of today we have not had any request for pickup. There is some trash on the curb in several areas of Wynne. The code enforcement officer is contacting the residents and explaining the new procedures and the options for the residents. I think the residents will use the new system, once they are aware of the new options.

We have two funerals tomorrow at the cemetery and another one on Saturday. This is the first business we have had this year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

1:56 PM

Pat and I purchased a new TV set on Saturday. That was our Christmas gift to each other. We have known for several months that we were going to buy a new TV. We had done quite a bit of research and last week made the decision on which one to buy. We bought a 42" TV.

That was the small part of this situation. We worked several hours on Saturday moving and rearranging bookcases and other furniture to allow the installation of the new TV. If fact Pat worked on it several hours yesterday between and after church services. I am sure that we will enjoy the new TV.

Today started a new era in the way class three trash in handled in the city. Starting today there is a charge for disposal of class three trash on a per use fee. The city can come to an address and remove the trash for a fee, or the citizen can take the trash to the city shop and dispose of it for a fee. There will be some bugs, but we will have them worked out in a few days.

It has rained and sleeted on and off today in Wynne. I was watching the Jonesboro TV station at lunch and there were several schools that had already closed and several more were closing early. I hope that we miss and ice storm.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2:42 PM

Today has been a quiet day here at city hall. I cleaned out some old information from my files this morning and then spent some time on the new drug testing policy that will be implemented for city employees in about a month. I will make the final preparations next week.

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching football games. I went to the coffee shop yesterday morning and then attended the swearing in ceremony for the elected officials in Cross County. There were eight city council members who were there and took the oath of office. It was too cold to do almost anything outside yesterday. The weather is much warmer here today.