Monday, April 30, 2012


I made a quick trip to the metal company this morning.  They had to do a little adjusting to some of my metal and I ordered a few pieces to complete my building.  The metal will be ready tomorrow.  I plan to go pick it up.

I have moved most of the stuff from the carport to my new garage.  I have started taking down the walls.  I finished about 25% of it today.   I will complete the removal over the next few days.

I have to go back to the surgeon in Tupelo on Thursday.  Everything has been going well since my last visit and procedure.  He plans to complete the procedure on Thursday.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

12:45 PM

Steve, Mike and I completed the roof on my new shop yesterday, well almost, we need to add about thirty screws.  The roof is fine, but the additional screws will  make everything uniform.

I have ordered the roll up doors.  They will be installed in a few days.   I have started moving the stuff from the carport to the new garage.  I will be glad to have the use of our carport.

Mike and I went to north Alabama Friday night to a car race.  It was a dirt track race.  The World of Outlaws were there for a stop on their tour.  I enjoyed the race,  it was nothing like I have ever attended.  I can mark that off my bucket list.

Pat and I went to the tri-cities last night.  We attended a surprise birthday  party for my brothers wife.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the guest was totally surprised.

I have to go back to the metal supplier to get a few more pieces of metal to complete the metal installation on my building.  I just need a few pieces of metal adjusted and a few pieces to finish the job.  The salesman and I did not communicate well on a couple of items.  They told me that they could make the adjustments and I need  to buy the extra  metal.   I am going to try to take care of that this week.

I have to go back to the surgeon this Thursday.  The first procedure is working fine,  I will be glad when he completes the procedure and I am completely healed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

10:15 PM

The garage roof is complete except for the ridge cap.  That will not take very long, there are only four pieces of metal to put on the top of the roof.  I installed the window today.  I also ordered the roll up doors.  The company I bought them from do not have any in stock, so it will take a few days to get them.  The company will install them when they get them from their supplier.  Steve and I finished all of the walls today.  I will install the walk through doors in the next few days.  I have to install some trim around the building and them install the metal walls.  When the above task are complete, I will start on the inside.   The first task I plan to complete is the electrical wiring.  When that is complete I will put in insulation and install the heating and AC.  There is no rush to install the heating and AC.

Amy and Matt came yesterday and spent about half a day.  They were both off, so they came for a short visit.  It was good the see them, if only for a short time.

Monday, April 23, 2012

8:45 PM

The metal for my garage was delivered on Friday.  Mike and Steve (Pat's brothers)  are going to install the roof for me.  I can not get on top of the building.  They have installed half of the roof.  They need to install a few more screws the have the front half of the roof complete. 

I bought the window and walk through doors this morning.  I will install them over the next few days.  Once the roof is complete, I plan to have the roll up doors installed.  I need to install some more OSB on the outside of the building.  I will then move in and complete the rest of the work over the next several months.  I will not be in a big rush once I get the roof and doors and window installed.  I will put the siding on then start working on the inside.  I am in no rush to complete the inside except for the electrical.

Pat is going to take Aunt Ginny to Memphis to the doctor tomorrow.

My brother Tommy stopped by about an hour ago.  He wanted to show us his latest purchase.  It is a 2011 Mustang convertible.  He took me and Pat for a short ride.  He had the top down and it was too cold for a very long trip.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

6:45 PM

I went to Tupelo today to meet with a surgeon.  After discussing my medical problem the surgeon did a procedure and ask me to return in two weeks.  If everything goes well during this two week period, he will complete the procedure then.  If not he will do the procedure later.

The surgeon has a BS from Mississippi State, a medical degree from that school up north (Ole Miss). and did his residency at the University of Arkansas Medical in Little Rock.  I wore a polo shirt with an Arkansas logo on the front.  We had a good discussion.  He told me that one of his friends runs the marathon in Wynne.   He knew where Wynne was located.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

8:00 AM

All of the new flooring has been installed.  The men finished the work on Monday afternoon.  Pat and I are in the process of moving all of the items back in their place.  This is almost as much trouble as moving.

I ordered the metal for my shop yesterday.  The company will deliver the metal on Friday.  They could have delivered it tomorrow, but I have to go to Tupelo for a doctor's appointment.

I went to the car club meeting last night.  It is good to go to these meeting and discuss activities the club does.  It is also good to meet, eat, and visit with the members of the cub.

It rained all day yesterday.  We needed the water and it was a good slow rain. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

5:20 PM

I did not get very far on placing the wood on the trusses to attach the metal.  Monday morning I got up on the building and placed a few boards,  I could not work on top of the building.

I called Pat's brother and he came over and placed the boards on the trusses.  I helped, but he did all of the work on the roof.  It took us two days.

Amy came to Iuka Tuesday night after work.  She came to help us move all of our stuff.  The new floor covering installers came Thursday and started placing the floor covering.  We move stuff out of one room and then move it back and start another room.  Amy was a big help.  She stayed till Thursday afternoon.  The floor covering guys worked Thursday and Friday.  They will finish on Monday.  They have to install in three bedrooms and the job will be finished.  It really looks good.

On Wednesday Amy, Pat and I went to a metal company in TN.  We picked out the color for my garage.  I plan to return next week and order the material, after we get the house straight after the floor covering guys finish on Monday.  Moving everything for the new floor covering is almost like moving,  there is just to packing, but everything has to be moved at least two times.

Amy was off because she is off during the week two days every two weeks.  It is her weekend.  It reminds me of hearing the police saying during the week that the next two days would be their Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

8:10 PM

Amy and Matt came to Iuka yesterday afternoon and stayed till this afternoon.  It was good to have them visit for Easter.  We all had a good time visiting.

Pat and I went to church and sunday school this morning.  We had, as most churches do, had a huge crowd for the morning worship.

I got the trusses put up on my garage on Saturday morning.  Pat's cousins husband brought his crane our and set the trusses.  Mike and Steve worked on the ladders and nailed the trusses in the correct location.  I helped but they did most of the work.  We started a little after eight and were finished by noon.  Pat had lunch prepared and we all had a good lunch.  I am glad to get that part of the building complete.  I plan to attach the wood to the trusses to attach the metal roof.  I will be glad to get the roof installed, but it will take several days to complete this part of  the building. Once the roof is installeed, I plan to complete the outside walls and then move the stuff from the carport to the building.  Then we can have our carport to use.  (It is a double carport.)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

6:15 PM

I spent a long time in the doctors office today.  I went for my regular routine checkup.  The checkup went well.  I also have a problem with a cyst.  The doctor told me that because of where it is located, I needed to have a C T Scan and let a surgeon decide how to deal with the situation.  After my doctor visit I went to the local hospital for the scan.  They gave me a cup of liquid to drink and they told me to drink it and one hour later they would do the scan.  I drank the liquid and then took a short visit to Wal-Mart and then made a drive around Iuka.  I returned to the hospital and they did the scan.  They told me that my doctor would get the results in  a few days.  He had told me that when he got the results he would contact me with instructions.

I have made arrangements with a couple local guys to help me install my trusses tomorrow.  I hope that it all goes well.  If it does not I will have to go to plan B.