Friday, May 28, 2010

FRIDAY MAY 28, 2010
10:22 AM

I have been working for several weeks on a grant for playground equipment for some of the city parks. I was working on a self imposed deadline of the middle of June to complete the grant application. Earlier this week I was making the final pages of some of the grant. I encountered a question that I did not have an answer for the question. I contacted the state agency that has responsibility. When I talked with the representative I learned that I did not have all of the information to complete the grant process.

I will have to have a professional provide some information to complete the grant. I talked with a local architect and he offered his services. I plan to put the grant on hold for this year and present an application next year. I might make the deadline this year with the help of the architect, but it would be close. I plan to ask the city council for permission to employ this architect and have him provide the information I need for next year. He thinks that this would be the best plan and we will have the information on hand that can be used in future years to apply for grants if the necessary city funds are available.

I hate to wait a year, but if we wait I think that we will be successful in securing this grant. The money that the city has for this project will still be available next year.

I met last night with a group of citizens and received their input about improvements they would like to see included in this plan. I will meet with at least two more groups and also conduct a public hearing for all citizens about this issue. These meetings are a requirement for the grant application. Because I have decided to delay the application I will have more time to seek input from the citizens about the park improvements.

Monday is a holiday for the city. Pat and I plan to go to Memphis and spend some time with Amy during this time. She has to work on Saturday, but as of now she will be off on Sunday and might be off on Monday. She has a new grill and she wants to have a cookout with the new grill.

Entergy plans to move the electric lines on MLK tomorrow. I think that if they complete the moving, the bridge contractor will begin the bridge construction next week.

Jerry and I went to Memphis on Wednesday for a meeting and lunch. We shared the table at lunch with the mayor of Memphis and one of his staff. The mayor remembered me for contacts we had had over the years he was mayor of Shelby county. Jerry and I both enjoyed visiting with these two gentleman. I think that we both agreed that we were glad that we worked for a city the size of Wynne and not Memphis.

I met with the Farmfest committee yesterday for lunch. This was our last meeting before Farmfest. I think that we have everything in place with proper planning to have a successful Farmfest in June. I am pleased every time I meet with groups like this. They are all hardworking individuals who give of their time and talent to improve the city of Wynne.

Friday, May 21, 2010

FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010
2:50 PM

I went to Fort Smith yesterday to attend a meeting of the league Executive Committee. We had a very good meeting and discussed a variety of issues. We spent most of the time on proposals for the legislature session next year. There are not any major issues at this time. Most of the items are cleaning up some language in the laws.

I enjoyed visiting with my friends from around the state that are on the committee. The meeting including lunch lasted about four hours. I spend about nine hours of travel time yesterday. I had no trouble going to sleep last night.

The street crews are working on the new picnic tables today. They are adding more concrete toe the base. They probably put enough the first time, just to be sure they are adding concrete today.

Pat is on another vacation. She is visiting one of her friends in Mississippi. It is just me and Oscar at home. He has not adjusted to Pat being gone.

One of Pat's friends stopped by with some fresh country eggs. They were laid today. She had read on Pat's blog that she would like to have some fresh eggs, so she brought two dozen by my office a few minutes ago.

Monday, May 17, 2010

MONDAY MAY 17, 2010
3:55 PM

Pat and I voted early today. The actual election is tomorrow, but we decided to go and vote early today. I look forward to having the results tomorrow night. We have some very interesting local races as well as some district and state races.

The city street crews started installing the picnic tables in the city parks today. I hope that the visitors use the tables and take care of them. If they do they will last a long time.

I have spent much of the day working on a grant to purchase playground equipment for our city parks. Carol has helped very much in getting information for me to complete the grant. Theda has been typing some of the information that I have gotten so far. We plan to spend $100,000.00 on equipment. If I am successful we can double that amount with the grant. I hope we are successful. The playground equipment has been neglected for several years in our parks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SUNDAY MAY 16, 2010
3:53 PM

The city hired a contractor to do some work on John Hayden Smith Park this past week. Our crews also did some work on the park. These crews cleaned up the ditch on the south side of the park and cleaned up the area between the ditch and the field on the south of the park. These improvements make the area look a lot better. We have had some problems in the park area. We think that opening up this area will solve some of these problems. At least we can see the people in the area. I do not understand people doing damage to the park equipment.

Next Thursday I have an executive committee meeting in Fort Smith. It will be a long day. I plan to leave early and then return after the meeting. I do not like this, but I do not want to spend the night in Fort Smith. I look forward to the meeting and visiting with my friends from around the state. I also enjoy working on the problems of the cities of the state.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

3:30 PM

The city took delivery of a new wood chipper this morning. I applied for a grant last year and was successful. We ordered the chipper about two months ago. They do not make these chippers until they are sold. This will replace a chipper that we have had for a number of years. We plan to sell our old chipper.

The city crews poured the floor for our new storage building yesterday. We are now waiting on the building to be delivered and the crew to put it up. I think that this will improve our storage at the public works department.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2:21 PM

The Wynne City Council met last night for their regular monthly meeting. We had a very short meeting. There was only two items on the agenda. We heard a report from our mosquito contractor and passed a resolution supporting my application for a walking trail grant. The mosquito contractor said that they were in place and ready to go to work. He also said that he though that this would be a bad year for mosquito's.

The street crew poured the floor for our new storage building at the public works area. The building has been completed and will be delivered in a few days.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

SUNDAY MAY 9, 2010
3:20 PM

Happy Mothers day to all mothers.

The street crew spent most of last week working on the forms for the floor of the new storage building for the department. They discovered Friday that they had made a mistake in the measurements for the floor. They have talked with some knowledgeable people and they think that they can overcome the mistake. I hope so. They worked had getting the forms in place. If they have to make the adjustments, I am glad that the mistake was discovered before the concrete was poured.

The city council meets Tuesday night for the regular monthly meeting. The agenda only has two items for action. They will hear a report from our mosquito contractor and I have prepared a resolution for action. The resolution is support for a grant. I am writing a grant to complete the walking trail at the sports complex. I wrote one last year and we were successful and we are now in the process of building that trail. This grant will allow us to complete the trail. Last years grant covered about 2000 feet of trail. This grant is for about 2600 feet of trail and will complete the original plan.

Kirk Owens is going to speak at church tonight. He is going to talk about his experience working in East Asia for the past two years. I a looking forward to seeing Kirk and hearing his presentation.

Yesterday I did some yard work including planting some items that Pat purchased in Memphis this past week. I also prepared a raised garden for Pat last week. I also did a little work on my old truck yesterday. The truck is great mechanically, but I have several small projects related to the truck that I plan to complete over the next several months.

On Friday morning I appeared on KWYN Yawn Patrol with a new member of the chamber. The chamber has a program on Yawn Patrol the first Friday of each month with new members of the chamber. I have done this several time and I always enjoy representing the chamber on KWYN.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

SUNDAY MAY 2, 2010
5:05 PM

Yesterday I went to Iuka for the wedding of my niece, Morgan. The wedding was very nice. I left yesterday morning and stopped in Memphis to pick up Amy. We left her house about eleven in the morning. We stopped for lunch and then went to the wedding. We had to drive through a very heavy rain shower. We had to drive through the heavy rain for about 45 miles. I do not think that I have ever driven through rain that hard for that length of time. We arrived at the church about two minutes before the ceremony began.

Pat was already at the church. She and her sister had driven to Iuka from Panama City on Friday. Pat made the pictures of the wedding. After the reception Amy, Pat, and I visited with mother for a few minutes and then drove to Memphis. The weather was fine on the trip home. We stopped in Memphis and all went out for dinner. We went to a Mexican place and we all were full and enjoyed the food and the time together. While we were in the cafe we noticed on the TV that there was flooding in Millington and other parts of Shelby county. Amy work part time in Millington. She called one of her co workers and found out the the flooding was very bad. The funeral home where she works had no damage, but two funeral homes were flooded out.

Pat and I slept in this morning. We went to bed late and there was bad weather in the Cross County area as well as the Memphis area. We watched TV until the threat had passed Amy's home and the Wynne area. There was some damage in the western part of the county, but no one was hurt, just some property damage.

I worked on my old truck a little this afternoon. I also had to mark a grave for a funeral tomorrow morning at Cogbill. I got a call a little after two and had to go mark the grave. After some more information from the funeral home I was able to locate the grave plot and mark the grave.

The benches and picnic tables that I wrote a grant for last year will be here tomorrow. The street crew will install them over the next several days. They did some work last week getting ready for the new benches and tables. I think that the citizens and visitors will enjoy these new additions to our parks.