Saturday, June 26, 2010

6:30 PM

I have been very busy today. I started on the yard early this morning. I cut the grass and did the trimming early. I later did a little trimming on some of the bushes in the yard. I then put out fertilizer on the yard. I have had it several weeks, but I had not taken the time until today to put it on the yard.

Pat and I put some trim on the new doors for the pantry in the kitchen. I then put a coat of paint on one side of the doors. I have just checked on them and they are not dry. I painted them with oil base paint and it takes a long time for it to completely dry. I will paint the other side tomorrow.

This afternoon Pat and I went to a reception for some friends of ours. They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed visiting with the friends of the couple (Charles and Mary Frances Hamrick) who were at the reception.

After the reception Pat and I went to a wedding. In fact I performed the ceremony. I taught the young man who got married when I was at Wynne High School and I know several of his family members. They got married at a church and they had an impressive wedding. After the wedding we attended the reception and visited with the guest and the family members of the wedding party. (Jason and Crystal Andrews)

I wish that I had kept a list of the couples I have married, but that is water under the bridge. I have performed several over the past few years.

While I was at the anniversary reception I was approached by an individual was not happy with the condition of the cemetery. I have talked to this individual on several occasions and have tried to correct what she sees as a problem, but she is not happy with my efforts. In fact she and her husband went out to the cemetery and corrected the problem. A few minutes after I talked with this couple a lady from Wynne came up to me and told me that she was going to visit me and discuss some items that need attention. I encouraged her to come to my office and I would be happy to discuss the items with her. She then told me that she would like to thank me for the cemetery. She said that it was in very good shape and well taken care of. I thanked her and reminded her that that was one of the task I perform as Mayor. She was aware that I take care of the cemetery.

I tell you about the cemetery because these two people own lots at the cemetery that are about ten to twenty feet apart. Sometimes it is amazing how people look at the same thing and reach such different conclusions.

I guess that goes to show me that you cannot please everybody. Some are happy with your work and others think that it is not very good.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

7:30 PM

I stopped by the bridge this morning and met for a few minutes with the man in charge of the construction. He informed me that the construction was going well. He said if weather permits they should have the bridge construction completed in about four weeks.

Late Friday afternoon I had a conservation with a resident of the city. He told me of a small problem with the street he lives near. I told him that I would take care of the problem for him this week. I meant to inform Jerry of the problem and ask him to put in on a schedule to be repaired. I did not have a chance to inform Jerry of the problem on Monday. He had to drive the residential garbage truck. Tuesday morning he stopped by the office and I was not in the office. When I returned Theda told me that this individual has stopped by and had left me a message. His message was to thank me for taking care of the problem he had told me about. He told Theda that I would know what he was talking about. I did know what he was talking about.

Last night I was at Wal-Mart and a resident stopped me and informed me of a problem near his office. I told him that I would inform Jerry and the problem would be corrected.

This morning about 7:00 AM I drove by his office to check on the problem. When I arrived at the office, the problem had been corrected. I saw Jerry a few minutes later and told him about my findings and thank him for taking care of that problem and the one on the street before I had a chance to inform him of the problems.

It is great to have city employees who keep a check on problems in the city and take care of them without a request from me. I will get credit, if fact I have already gotten credit for one of the problems, when I actually had nothing to to with the problems being solved.

Great employees are a great asset to me and the citizens of Wynne.

PS---I sometimes get blame for things I had nothing to do with outcomes. I guess on average it all evens out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

MONDAY JUNE 21, 2010
6:40 PM

I stopped by the bridge construction site this morning and met the man in charge of the construction. He told me that everything was going well. He said that he thought that they would complete the pile driving by the end of work on Tuesday. After lunch I stopped by and watched the drive one of the supports. Once they had the metal in place the driving went very fast.

The contractor for the cemetery has started cutting the excess growth of trees around the cemetery and some trimming of trees and small bushes throughout the cemetery.

This afternoon I went to a meeting in West Memphis about the new flood maps. This process started several years ago and in the last few weeks there has been a lot of information about the new maps discussed. The head of FEMA was there and addressed the group and answered questions from the assembled group. This is a process that was mandated by congress. It appears to me that there are a lot of uninformed elected officials and citizens about this process. The head of FEMA did say that he would delay the process for ninety days. He said that he or an individual from his office would return after the delay. During this time he pledged to help inform the citizens and elected officials of the process and have complete information before the next meeting.

I was aware of the process and in fact I along with members of fire department met several months ago with representatives of FEMA. I left the meeting feeling that I fully understood the process and felt that I was knowledgeable of the process and the final outcomes of the new maps. In Wynne there will only be some minor changes to the present flood maps. I hate to say this, but after the meeting, I think that a lot of elected officials have not taken the time to be informed about this project.

If it were not for FEMA providing insurance for citizens who have structures in the flood plane, they could never borrow money on their property. Lending institutions will not loan money if the property is in a flood zone if it is not insured. It is not cheap, but it is necessary for citizens to sell or make improvements to their property.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

7:48 PM

I finished my yard work early this morning before it got so hot. My string trimmer bit the dust. I was able to get most of the trimming completed before it quit. I then took a shower and went to Jonesboro to buy a new one. I hate not to buy in Wynne, but the trimmer I like is not available in Wynne. So I went to Jonesboro and bought one that I like.

When I got back from Jonesboro I began the painting of a storage unit in the kitchen. I took it apart and did all of the work and painting in the garage. I am painting it with oil base paint. It will take probably three coats and each coat must dry 24 hours. I was glad to have a cool shop to do the work. I listened and watched the car race will I was working in the shop.

Amy and Pat got home about an hour ago. They are gone to a cafe to eat supper not. Amy said the she wanted to sit down and be waited on for the meal. Pat had a good visit in Iuka.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads.

Amy gave me my Fathers Day gift a few minutes ago. It is a key chain with a casket on the ring. She said that it was for my old truck that I call my cemetery truck. In fact the tag on the front of the truck has the following tag----------CEMETERY TRUCK. I call it my cemetery truck, because I have used money that I have made managing the cemetery to pay for the truck and parts and repairs that I completed on the truck.

Friday, June 18, 2010

FRIDAY JUNE 18, 2010
9:04 PM

I have spent the last three days in Hot Springs. I was attending and participating in the Arkansas Municipal League Summer Conference. I enjoyed the conference very much. I got to visit with a lot of old friends from around the state. I also gained some important information that will aid me as I work for the city and the citizens of Wynne.

After I got home I took care of some personal business and then I cut the yard. It was cooler about 8:oo pm when I cut the yard. I also spent some time in my shop working on my old truck. If I had not installed a new air conditioner last week, I would not have been able to work in the heat.

I talked to Amy this afternoon. She and Oscar are getting along fine. She also told me that Oscar and her new cat are getting along together fine.

Pat is in Iuka visiting some friends and family.

If I can I plan to do a little yard work early in the morning before the heat gets very high. If I do not finish, I will complete the work later when the temperature is lower. I will probably spend some time enjoying TV in the cool of the house.

Monday, June 14, 2010

MONDAY JUNE 14, 2010
5:55 PM

I have spent a good deal of time working on cemetery business. After the work we have all of the situations worked out.

The residential garbage truck had to be taken to Little Rock today. There was a minor problem with the truck, but it had to go to the dealer to be repaired. The truck in back in Wynne now and is completing its normal Monday route.

The bridge contractor has equipment problems and could not start the removal work today. They have called a dealer and if they can not repair on site they will have another piece of equipment delivered to begin the removal of the dirt and culverts in the street.

I worked on a grant today. If fact I have the final draft completed. Theda and I will check it again and we find no mistakes we will submit the grant. If we find mistakes we will correct them and then submit the grant. This grant is money to complete a stage at the Wynne Sports Complex.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

4:00 PM

I have been busy today at home. My air conditioner in my shop quit Thursday night. I had to take one of the street employees to Little Rock yesterday, so I stopped in North Little Rock to shop for an air conditioner. I found a good buy on one at Home Depot, so I bought me a new air conditioner.

I spent several hours today removing the old one and installing the new one. Pat had to help me with some of the work. I am glad that my shop is air conditioned again. I also mowed the yard.

It is very hot in Wynne today. This is Farmfest week end in Wynne. Amy is here this week end and we went to Farmfest for a few minutes. With the heat we had a rapid walk through the activities.

I am now cooking steaks on the grill. I am looking forward to a good steak and all of the trimmings. Pat and Amy are also ready for a good steak.

The bridge contractor has started work on the bridge on MLK. This project is a much need improvement for this street. The community around this street have been positive in their comments about this project.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6:00 AM

The Wynne City Council met last night for their regular monthly meeting. We had a very short agenda and the meeting lasted only 15 minutes. The council heard a report from VDCI. and agreed to hire an architect to work on a plan for our park system. The architect will work with me in preparing a grant for equipment for our city parks. The architect they hired is Martin Smith from Wynne. I look forward to working with Martin.

Friday, June 4, 2010

4:47 PM

This was a short week at work, only four days, but I am ready for the week end. The contractor started erecting our new storage building at the public works department today.

Entergy plans to move the electric lines on Monday on MLK. The bridge contractor has already moved some of his supplies and equipment to the job site. He plans to start work on Tuesday.

I took Pat to a doctor in Memphis yesterday afternoon. A few minutes after we got to the office my aunt and sister in law came in. My aunt was there to see the same doctor as Pat. In fact their appointments were back to back. My sister in law and I had a good visit while Pat and my aunt were seeing the doctor.

After the doctors office Pat and I went to Corky's for lunch. We called Amy and she joined us for a visit. She did not eat. She had already had lunch when we called, but we had a good visit.

About the time we got home it started raining. It rained very hard for several minutes. In fact after it stopped I checked my rain gage and it had rained two inches.

The city council meets on Tuesday night. We have a very short agenda to take care of the city business. I have scheduled a public hearing at 6:oo PM for input about the needs for our city parks. This is one of the activities that I must do in order to apply for a grant. I am anxious to hear the results of this public hearing. I will report on the city council meeting next week here on my blog.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7:56 PM

Pat and I went to Amy's on Sunday. She had to work Sunday morning, but we spent the afternoon with her and one of her friends. She has a gas grill and we cooked hamburgers on the grill. They were very good. After eating she had to go to work for about an hour. Her friend and I went to work with her. I took my truck to her work place. She had stored some treasure in one of the buildings and she needed to take it home. We loaded the treasure and took it home. It is an unusual item. She plans to do something with the item. I do not know what, but she is very talented.

She had a job interview this morning. She has some competition for the job. The interviewer said that he would make up his mind and notify her on Thursday. He said that he would contact her if she is offered a job or not. I sure hope that she is successful. She needs a full time job.

I had a very busy day at work today. I did not have any major decisions, but I stayed busy dealing with a number of questions from the staff and citizens of Wynne.

The power company did not relocate the electric line this past weekend. We had been told that they would have it moved by Saturday, but the line has not been moved. They now indicate that the line should be moved within the next week. I hope so. The contractor is ready to begin construction on the bridge, but can not work until the line is moved.