Thursday, August 30, 2012

5:45 AM

We have started the process of replacing and updating the cabinets.  We are going to have new base cabinets built and replace the doors on the wall cabinets.  The builder measured them yesterday.  Pat and I will go today and pick out the counter top and hardware.  This is the last big project for our home here in Iuka.  We knew we had several projects to complete when we decided to move.  It has been a little slow at times, but we are pleased with the results.

I will have to remove the old doors on the wall cabinets and paint them.  The builder will paint the base cabinets and install all of the doors.

Amy turned her ankle at work on Monday.  She broke a bone in her food when this happened.  She does not have a cast, they put her in a boot.  The pain has not been too bad, but the swelling is quite a bit.  She has not worked since the accident happened.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

5:40 PM

My garage is now completely finished.  Mike and Steve (Pat's brothers) finished putting the trim on the shop last Saturday.  It has been a long process but I am glad that the project is complete.  I have been enjoying it for several months.  The trim just added to the looks of the garage and I will not have to paint any of the outside.  Everything exposed to the outside is covered with metal.

Last year I bought some headers for my old truck.  I had them put on this week.  My truck is a six cylinder and has one tail pipe.  The headers allow two tail pipes and give the truck a very unique sound.  I have wanted to have this done since I bought the truck, but it took a long time to find headers for an old truck and then it took me a while to find a garage that would do the job.  I am very pleased with the job the garage did on this old truck.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


My brother, Tommy and I went to Gatlinburg TN on Thursday and came home on Saturday.  The reason for the trip was Tommy wanted to ride over the mountain.

He left the motel at 6:00 AM on Friday morning.  He rode up the mountain which is 15 miles all uphill.  It took him 4 and 1/2 hours.  He then rode down the mountain into North Carolina which was 20 miles.  The ride down the mountain took about one hour.  He was proud of that he was able to add that to his bucket list.  I followed him the last two and one half hours of his trip. 

After his ride we drove around the area the rest of the day enjoying the area and then had an evening meal in a nearby town.

We drove home on Saturday in Tommy's Mustang with the top down. 

A very interesting three days.  I am glad that I was a small part of Tommy's adventure.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3:15 PM

As usual I have been working in the yard.  I do a few items each day.

I plan to go to east Tennessee the last part of the week.  My brother who likes to ride a bike wants to ride over the mountains.  I will go with  him and pick him up after his ride.  I told him I would be glad to go with him, but that I was not going to ride a bike.  He said OK.

Pat's sister is coming this week to spend a few days.  She had planned to come on Saturday, but she had some car repairs that had to be completed before she made the trip.  The car is going to be ready today.  If they complete the job before early afternoon she plans to come today, if not she will be here tomorrow.

I have been going to the coffee shop.  I need to keep up on what is going on in Iuka.  It is like Wynne, you can get a lot of information, but sometimes you can not depend on the information.