Sunday, November 27, 2011

3:48 PM

Tommy (my brother) and I went to the Mississippi State and Ole Miss football game last night.  It rained during most of the game, but I had ponchos that kept us dry.  Mississippi State won the game 31 to 3.  It was the first college football game Tommy had even attended.  He had  a good time I enjoyed spending time with him.

It is going to be cold here for the next several days.  The highs are going to be in the low forty's.  That will be a big change.  It has been about 70 for the past several days.

I am waiting for the man to pour my floor for my new garage.  He is busy and he will not pour if the weather is very cool.  Hopefully he will find time over the next few weeks to get the job done.  I can then start the building of the walls and roof.  I miss not having a garage to work in.

Monday, November 21, 2011

11:55 AM

I have reached a milestone in my construction of my new shop.  The man I hired to remove the tree stumps and haul in dirt to level the foundation has completed his work.  He worked on it some Saturday, Sunday afternoon and this morning.  He did and excellent job.

I called the man who is going to pour the concrete this morning.  He told me that he would complete it as soon his schedule will allow.  He is very busy and the weather will be a factor in when he can complete the job.

I will be glad when he completes the work and I can start the construction of the shop.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

6:45 AM

Pat and I went to Memphis yesterday.  She had an appointment at the Stern Clinic yesterday.  It was a regular check up.  Everything was fine. 

After her appointment we picked up Amy for lunch.  We had a good lunch and visit with Amy.

The doctor was late and then it took over an hour to have our lunch.  We have been to that cafe before and the service and food were good.  Yesterday the food was good, but he service was very bad.  We left Memphis about 4:00 PM. 

The trouble with the time was that we wanted to attend the community Thanksgiving service in Iuka.  As soon as we got home we picked up my aunt and went to the service.  The service was well attened and a good cross section of  Iuka.  Several churches participated in the service.  After the service there was a social get to gather.  Members provided finger food and sweets for the get to gather.  The event was well attended.  In fact a man at our table said that the crowd at the social seemed larger than the service.   That was not true, but the fellowship hall at the church was full. (The service was held at our church--Iuka Baptist)

The man who is going to prepare my property for my new garage moved some equipment to the property yesterday.  He plans to do the preparation this week.  I look forward to getting the ground prepared and the floor poured.

Monday, November 7, 2011

7:00 PM

I made a trip to Panama City this past weekend.  Pat has been visiting her sister for about three weeks.  She had a very good visit. 

I went down on Friday and  Pat and I returned to Iuka yesterday.  Sherron's daughter and family came late Friday night.  We had Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday afternoon.  Everyone enjoyed the meal and fellowship.

Pat is going to have lunch with a number of her family members tomorrow.   I have nothing planned to do this week.   I will be going to Mississippi State on Saturday night. Mississippi State plays Alabama.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8:00 PM

I have been taking it easy this week.  I have not done very much except enjoyed not having to do anything.  Pat is in Panama City visiting her sister.  I did have supper with my aunt last Thursday.  I enjoyed the meal and conversation.  She told me that she wanted to cook for me while Pat was gone. 

On Friday I had supper with my brother and his wife.  After supper my brother and I watched the 7th game of the world series.  We both enjoyed the game and visiting during the game.

I have moved leaves around the yard a couple of times in the last week.  I chopped them up with the lawn mower.

I am still waiting for the man to come and prepare the site for my new shop.  He told me last week that he planned to come this week and complete the work.  He has not shown up yet.

I am going to add a drive way to my property.  The driveway will be on the west side of the property.  I do not plan to put gravel on it at the present time.  This will allow me to have access to my new shop without having to go across my front yard.  The supervisor has delivered a pipe, but has not installed it yet.

I have been going to the coffee shop.  Slowly I am making new friends and catching up with people I knew when I lived here about 45 years ago.

I try to visit mother at least every other day.  She is about the same.  Last week she did go for a car ride for over an hour with my brother.  He said that they both enjoyed the ride.  Mother said that she enjoyed going for the ride and seeing the town.

I think that my dog has gone.  I have not seen her since last Friday night.  Several days she was here in the late evening and gone the next morning.  I hope that she has found a good home or gone to her home.  I would like to have an outside dog, but the outside dog must get along with Oscar.  The dog that was here for a while and Oscar did not every accept each other.