Wednesday, November 7, 2012

9:00 PM

I went back to the doctor in Tupelo today.  Everything is fine.  The doctor is going to keep a check on my problem for the next several months.  I will go back to see him in four months then six months and then a year.  He thinks everything is OK and I have nothing to be concerned about.  It was very good news.

Since my test last week I have had some pain some fever.  I have felt very very bad.  The doctor said that it had nothing to do with the problem he has been working with me for the past several weeks.  I have spent several days in the bed with fever and feeling very bad.  Today was a good day.  I only had a small fever late this afternoon and have had no pain.  He told me to take Advil four times a day for a few days and everything should be fine.  On Tuesday I told Pat that I was tired of feeling bad.  I think everything is going to be fine in a day or two.

Amy came home on Saturday morning.  Tommy and I went to the Mississippi State game on Saturday.  As always happens when she comes home, she got a call early Sunday morning to return to Memphis for a job.  We hated to see her go so soon, but we are glad she is able to make some extra money.

She is home now for two days.  She is off this week Thursday and Friday.  If it goes as it has over the past several visits she will get a call and have to return early.  But we are glad that we get to spend some time with her.

Pat and I plan to meet some old friends of ours in Tupelo on Saturday afternoon and have supper together and have a good long visit.  We look forward to seeing them again.

It has turned cool here again.  The highs this week are in the low to middle fifties.  It is November.