Monday, August 30, 2010

7:37 PM

The sanitation department had to deal with a break down this morning. The truck broke down about 5:30 this morning. When I went to the department about 7:30 this morning they had already determined the problem and had called the dealer. The dealer located the needed part and met Jerry in Searcy. The part repaired the truck and the truck make the normal Monday run after the repair.

The street crew started working on the Public Works Department parking lot this morning. Our crews will do the preparation work and we will hire a contractor to lay the asphalt.

The cemetery received two new garbage cans this morning. The cans look very good and they can be emptied using the residential garbage truck. They were ordered several months ago and we had a number of delays on delivery. If they work out I plan to purchase several more for the cemetery.

The cemetery looks very good. I had it sprayed several days ago. The grass has not turned colors, but he growth has been slowed. If I am pleased with the amount of time before the grass has to be cut again, next year I will have it sprayed several times. It is expensive, but it saves more than the cost of spraying on the number of times the cemetery has to be mowed.

I think that the county has finally taken care of the problem of drainage on Mohr Road. I think that they finally have it repaired in a manner that will allow the water to flow at an acceptable rate and not cause any flooding in the western part of the city. I sure hope that these latest repairs solve the problem.

I went to the men's luncheon at church today at noon. We had a very good meal and Brother Mark made a very interesting and informative presentation. We also had a good crowd. I enjoyed the meal, the presentation and the fellowship of men from Wynne. This is a monthly meeting. I had not been able to attend very many because of my responsibilities as mayor.

Pat has decided on her next trip to Florida. She will go the first week on October. I will take her to Panama City and stay a few days myself. She plans to stay several weeks.

Jerry is going to Fort Payne Alabama tomorrow to look at garbage trucks. It is time to place orders for replacement for our present fleet. We are going to have to change brands of trucks this time. The brand we now use has made some changes and the changes make it difficult for our drivers to operate. The solution seems to be change brand of trucks. He is going to the factory that makes the garbage containers. He will be able to check out several brands of trucks at the factory and will be able to make a good decision about what we will purchase. It takes about nine or ten months to get a new garbage truck from the time the order is placed.

I have a wedding scheduled for Wednesday morning in my office. The couple is an older couple who have both been married before. (When I say older, I mean that they are older that me)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1:30 PM

It was a quiet week in the city this past week. I did meet Friday with a group from the Army. The group will be in Wynne next June to provide free health services for the residents of the area. They will set up a clinic for two weeks and provide these services. This is an outreach for the Army and it is also part of their training. The group looked at several locations to provide these services and settled on the science department of Wynne High School. There were about twenty five members of the Army attending the meeting with me.

This is a big week for many people in the country. It is the beginning of the college football season. I look forward the the new season. As usual I have season tickets at Mississippi State. The first home game for Mississippi State is next Saturday. The next home game is on the following Thursday night. I really enjoy attending these games. I do not particular enjoy the long trip, but the game experience is worth the drive and time.

I have been called for jury duty for September. I have never served on a jury. I have been called on once before and that time I was not chosen to serve.

The weather has coolded down some this past week. The low ninetys seems lack a cold spell when it has been in the high ninetys.

Amy has recovered from her ear problems and she had several cases this past week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

5:15 PM

I went to Mountain Home on Thursday of this week. The Executive Committee of the Arkansas Municipal League met on Friday. I got to Mountain Home late Thursday afternoon. The group went to dinner at the local country club. There were some other groups meeting in Mountain Home during the same time. This is the planning meeting for the AML.

We had a very productive meeting. We discussed and made decisions about the league for the next year. I have been going to this meeting for several years. The last several years I have been a member of the Executive Committee. Several years before I was a member of the Executive Committee I held several positions with the league that required my attendance at this conference.

I got to see some old friends from around the state. I also made some new friends who are meeting with this group for the first time. The meeting yesterday lasted five hours. I got home to Wynne a little after six last night.

Thursday afternoon I called one of my old teacher friends who lives in the Mountain Home area. He retired in 1998 and I retired in January of 1999. I have had no contact with him since his retirement. We talked for quite a while Thursday afternoon. We go caught up on what we have been doing since our retirement. We had a very good visit. (He knew that I was the Mayor of Wynne)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

4:00 PM

I have written several times about my old truck. Following are some pictures of my old truck made yesterday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2:30 PM

The Wynne City Council met last night for their regular monthly meeting. Following are the actions taken:

1. Heard a report from the mosquito contractor

2. Voted to make an addition to the city sick leave policy. The addition approved states when sick leave can be taken.

3. Approved a public hearing for the closure of a portion of a city street

4. Approved the placing of liens on some property that has been cleaned up by the city

5. I informed them that the city has received a grant for $69,500.00 to construct a walking trail

6. The fire chief informed them that the city has purchased 2,100 smoke alarms with money from a grant they had received. They will place them in home in Wynne during fire prevention month later this year.

7. I informed them that the county has completed more work on the ditch along Mohr Road. I think that this work will aid in the flow of water out of the city.

8. I informed them that the new bridge on MLK was complete and had been paid for in full.