Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2:00 PM

The sanitation department was very busy yesterday. The street department crews went around and picked up all of the trash that was not in the cans. The knuckle boom truck was busy picking up other types of trash.

The residential truck had two wards to pick up. They worked until about 11:00 pm last night. They did not get completely through, but they got about 95% of the cans emptied.

They will have to work at least that amount of time next Monday. We will be closed on Friday for New Years Day and they will have two wards to pickup next Monday. We have been working on a plan that will aid in this type of situation in the future.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

DECEMBER 26, 2009
10:30 AM

We have had a very good Christmas Holiday. Pat and I went to Iuka on Thursday afternoon. We visited with mother a while and then met Pat's brother and wife for supper. We had Mexican food and we all enjoyed the meal. We spent the night at Mothers.

On Christmas morning my family met at my brothers for breakfast for visiting. David and his wife were there as well as his two daughters. Pat and I were there, but Amy was not able to attend. She was not feeling well and decided not to make the trip from Memphis. Mother and my aunt were also present. We all enjoyed a very good breakfast and then visiting for a few hours.

We went back to mothers and then to Pats brother. Pat, her brother and I went to visit her other brother. We got him out of the bed. He told us that his plans for Christmas was to sleep. We visited for a few minutes and then went to the cemetery where Pat's mother is buried.

We then went to my aunts home and Pat left her gift that we had for her. We then returned to mothers and packed and started home. We stopped in Memphis to eat with Amy and exchange gifts. We were able to find a cafe open on Winchester. It was TGI Fridays. We were all hungry and we all ate quite a bit of food including a dessert. It was very good.

We then returned to Amy's home and visited and exchanged gifts. We had purchased a leaf blower for Amy. She was excited about the blower and was looking forward to using it to remove her leaves form her yard. We got home about 10:00 pm and unloaded and went to bed. I think that we all had a very good time, but it was a very busy couple of days.

Friday, December 18, 2009

6:30 AM

Jerry and I went to Jonesboro yesterday. We went to an asphalt plant for a fish fry and a presentation about a new cold mix that the plant is now producing. The new product is easier to work with and is should be of a more permanent nature if it works as described.

We both enjoyed the fish and visiting with friends from around the area who have similiar problems with street repairs.

Jerry decided after hearing the presentation to purchase some of the product and give it a try on some of the patching jobs on the streets of Wynne. We visited with a couple of truck drivers form Wynne who were at the plant working on a job in Jonesboro. They contacted us after we returned to Wynne and we have hired one of them to deliver some of the product to our shop today. They will complete their job in Jonesboro today and one of them deliver a load of the cold mix to us as they return to Wynne this afternoon. This will be cheaper than the city sending a truck and driver to Jonesboro to pick up this product. It will also allow one of these truckers to make some money as they have to return to Wynne for the weekend.

We also stopped by the Mack dealership to pickup some parts for our garbage truck and make an appointment for them to perform some repairs on one of our trucks. Jerry will take the truck to Jonesboro after the driver completes his run today. The dealership will repair the truck in the morning.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

3:30 PM

This past Thursday the East Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Board met. (I am a member of this board) The board made some important changes that will affect the flow of garbage in our district. The board regulations state that garbage in the district must go to a designated landfill. The City of Wynne has been in compliance with the regulations ever since I have been mayor, but a number of cities and counties were not in compliance.

After years of discussion the board finally took action that will force these cities and counties to deliver their waste to the proper landfill. After discussing this issue for eleven years the board now has in place regulations that will force these cities and counties to take their garbage to the proper landfill. If they do not take their garbage to the proper landfill, there are some regulations now in place that will force them to pay the landfills for their garbage if it is not delivered to the proper landfill. I do not think that these cities and counties want to pay for the disposal of their trash twice. The bottom line on this action is that we will have a landfill to take our garbage to and the board has control of the prices charged by the landfills.

I have been working on my State of the City address that I will deliver during the January meeting of the city council. I have spent quite a bit of time on the speech for the past several weeks. I think that after a few more minor adjustments it will be complete.

Jerry and I met with the engineers on Wednesday about the bridge that is to be built next year. They have started work on the plans for this new bridge. They think that this is a good time to be building this bridge because there is a shortage of work. They think that this will result in the city getting a better price for the work.

The city has been behind in our removal of leaves in the city because of a mechanical problem with the machine. We now have the machine back in service and the crews have removed most of the leaves placed on the streets.

I raked my leaves again this morning. I hope that this is the last time I have to do this until next season.

Pat and I went to the fire department Christmas party last night. We had a very good time and the food was excellent. Mike Hamrick was named Officer of the Year and Douglas Jones was named Firefighter of the year. Congratulations to both of these fine young men.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3:30 PM

The Wynne City Council met last night for the regular monthly meeting. Following is a summary
of the actions taken:

1. Had a report from Ms Marilyn Kountz about the 2010 census. She ask the members to help promoting the census to members of the Wynne community. There are a number of programs and quite a bit of money for the city based on the results of the census.

2. Approved an amended budget for the general fund for 2009. There were only a few changes to the budget that was adopted a year ago.

3. Approved the 2010 general and street fund budgets for the city. The major changes from the 2009 budget were the following: a 3% salary increase for city employees, more money for the operation of the city parks, money for the Wynne Friends of Animals to help with their work, $100,000.00 for the parks to purchase equipment for the mini parks in the city, increased for one year the capital outlay in the police dept. (we will purchase three new cars next year), $180,000.00 for the street dept to build a bridge on MLK.

4. Passed an ordinance establishing a planning area boundary for the city.(5 miles from present city limits)

5. Had a report from the committee about the Wynne Water Utilities. They plan to conduct a public hearing in January and have all city council members attend to hear the comments of the citizens. The committee said that they would not be making a recommendation to the full council, they want all council members to attend the public hearing and then decide as a group what action, if any to take.

6. Approved my recommendation of Lester Miller to the Wynne Planning Commission.

7. Heard a presentation from a couple about stop signs in the city. They took no action on the request of the couple.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

6:00 AM

I went to Starkville yesterday to watch Mississippi State play Ole Miss. I met Pat's brother in Tupelo and he went to the game with me. The weather was excellent and the crowd was very good.

At the game I met a man from Iuka. He graduated one year before I graduated. I have probably not seen him in forty years.

Mike (Pat's brother) asked me if it bothered me if he cheered for Ole Miss. I told him to cheer for whomever he pleased, I was glad that he was able to go to the game with me. He cheered for Ole Miss during the game. That did not bother me. I went to cheer for Mississippi State and enjoy the game, which I did.

When we got back to Tupelo after the game we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. I enjoyed having someone to talk to and watch the game with.


On the way home from Tupelo I listened to the LSU - Arkansas game. It was a very exciting game. I got home and was able to watch the last part of the game with Pat. Bad news is that Arkansas lost 33 to 30 in overtime.

I have enjoyed watching Mississippi State play football games this year. Just about all of the games were very competitive and MSU had a chance to win most of them, but in the end MSU only won five games. The attendance at MSU was excellent this year. They announced yesterday that the home attendance was up over previous years by a large amount.

I am already looking forward to next season.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

3:10 PM

I spent the morning cleaning up garage and picking up the leaves in the back yard. I have the leaves in one big pile. Tomorrow I will get them out of the yard. I also plan to pick up the leaves in the rest of the yard.

Pat and I went to Kelley's for Thanksgiving for lunch. The food was very good and there in no leftovers to eat for the next several days.

After lunch I took a nap and at the present time Pat is taking a nap. I have watched a little of the football game after lunch. It is kinda of a tradition. Eat turkey and watch football on Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2009

5:45 PM

The city took delivery of a new fire truck this afternoon. We ordered this truck several months ago. I am glad that we have managed our funds and were able to purchase this new equipment for the men to use fighting fires in the city.

I went to the fire department this afternoon and go a look at the new truck. The men were excited to have this new equipment to aid them as they do their work.

The fire truck was build on a 2010 Kenworth truck.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

6:05 AM

Arkansas took care of Mississippi State yesterday in Little Rock. The final score was Arkansas 42 and Mississippi State 21.

I took a friend of mine to the game. (E.T. Daniels) We had a good time and enjoyed the game. I saw several people from Wynne at the game and I also ran in to a number of my former students from around the state that I taught during my teaching days. The weather was good and the trip to Little Rock is much easier than going to Starkville. I have enjoyed going to the Mississippi State games this year. It has been a good diversion from the business of the city to get away and watch some football games.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NOVEMBER 21, 2009
6:15 AM

I am going to go to Little Rock this morning to attend the Mississippi State and Arkansas football game. I look forward to the game. The down side is that it is supposed to be raining. I am not looking forward to the rain, but I am glad that I will get to see my bulldogs play and not have to make a long trip.

I am taking an old friend of mine with me to the game. I have invited E. T. Daniels to go to the game with me. When I asked him yesterday, he was excited and said that he would love to go to the game with me. He asked me if I had and extra Mississippi State cap. I told him that I did, but since he is a razorback fan he should wear his Arkansas cap. We will be sitting with the fans from Mississippi State. I bought my tickets through Mississippi State, so we will be sitting in the section of seats that were made available for Mississippi State. I have attended every game between Mississippi State and Arkansas since Arkansas got in the SEC a number of years ago. It still seems strange to be in the stands in Arkansas and cheering for another team. I am a Mississippi State and an Arkansas fan, but for this game I am totally a Mississippi State fan.

On Tuesday of this week I attended a ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremony in West Memphis. The ribbon cutting was for the new Workforce center and the ground breaking was for a new building that will work on developing fuel from a number of products. That work is a program that will involve five community colleges in east Arkansas. I attended these ceremonies because I am on the elected officials board of Workforce in eastern Arkansas.

On Thursday I traveled to North Little Rock to attend the Executive Committee meeting for the Arkansas Municipal League. We had a very productive meeting taking care of the business of the league. It was also good to visit with my friends from around the state.

Thursday night I attended the Crossroads Coalition banquet in Wynne. The program was very good and there was an excellent attendance. This group does very good work for the eastern Arkansas area.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2:25 PM

I went to the Mississippi State and Alabama football game at Mississippi State last night. State played well for three quarters, but Alabama blew State out in the fourth quarter. The final score was 31 to 3.

The attendance at the game set a record for State. After the game it took me two hours to get out of the parking lot. I spent the night in Tupelo. I got to the hotel about 12:45 AM. I was glad that I did not have to drive all the way home.

This morning I took a little side trip and made a surprise visit to mothers in Iuka. She was surprised to see me and I was glad that I took the time to go visit with her. I stayed about one hour and then came home. I was tired and after I ate lunch I took a short nap. I feel much better now.

Mississippi State plays Arkansas next week. The game is in Little Rock and the kick off is about 11:30 AM. I look forward to going to the game and not have to drive so long.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3:15 PM

I think that there is a movie---Two weddings and a funeral. Well today has been just opposite for me.

I have had two funeral and a wedding.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10:00 AM

I am at the office working. I have to take care of some cemetery business. I am waiting on a call from the funeral home with the details of the service and the deceased.

We have had several beautiful days of weather in Wynne. The temperature has been in the middle seventies.

The Wynne City Council met last night for their regular meeting. The following actions were taken:

1. Granted a request to a citizen to place a manufactured home in a R2 zone.


I spent several hours working on the cemetery request. I even had to call Theda to to office to help me deal with the request. I had to make several calls to Little Rock and several to West Memphis, but I was able to get the request taken care of and then I marked the grave for the service to be held tomorrow. We now have two services at the cemetery tomorrow and we had one today.


2. The council passed a resolution allowing me to apply for a grant. The grant that I am applying for is for tables and benches for the mini parks and for a stage to be built at the Wynne Sports Complex. The grant request is for $80,000,00.

3. I presented my proposed budgets for the city for 2010. The major changes in the 2010 budgets are the following;

A 3% salary increase for city employees

An increase of $25,000.00 in the police budget to purchase cars. We have totaled three cars this year. I plan to purchase three new cars and pay for them over the next three years.

Added $15,000.00 to the animal control budget. This money will go directly to the Wynne Friends of Animals to help them operate the shelter.

Added $100,000.00 to the parks and recreation budget to purchase new playground equipment for the city parks.

Added $30,000.00 to the parks and recreation budget to help this department to help them add some help and purchase supplies for the parks.

Added $6,000.00 to the parks and recreation budget to mow all of the mini parks in the city. I plan to contract this service to a lawn care service and allow the parks and recreation staff to spend all of their time on the sports complex.

Added money to the street department for the payment of street lights in the city.

Added $180,000.00 to the street department budget to install a new bridge on Martin Luther King Street.

The above are the major changes to the budget compared with the 2009 budgets.

4. Approved regulations for the placement of traffic control devices throughout the city.

5. Agreed to apply for membership with HGAC Buy. This will allow the city to purchase equipment at a reduced cost to the city. (The membership is free)

6. I appointed a committee of city council members to study the relationship of the city and the Wynne Water Utilities Commission. Over the years there has been some who have suggested that the commission should be abolished and the water company should be operated as a city department. This committee will study this question and and make a recommendation to the full city council for possible action.

7. Approved a contract with Cross County Veterinarian Clinic that allow them to sell city dog tags for the city.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9:00 AM

I had two very successful meetings yesterday. I met with the budget committee yesterday morning and I met with the committee studying the placement of stop signs in the city.

I went over every line of every budget with the budget committee. There were a few questions and comments about some of the items. Overall they seemed pleased with my proposed budgets and the revenue projections. I asked them to study the budget and if they have any questions contact me for information. I will present the budget to the full council next Tuesday at the November meeting. I will ask them to study the budget and ask me or the budget committee questions. The budget committee will meet again before the December meeting and make a recommendation to the full council for action at the December meeting.

The stop sign committee met last evening and developed rules for the placement of stop signs in the city. Their recommendation will be presented to the full council for action at the November meeting.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

4:45 PM


Pat and I went to Jonesboro last night. We ate and Pat did a little shopping. This is an annual trip for us. We do this on Halloween night to not be at home for the trick or treat children. We started doing this a few years ago. We feel like that we were good citizens for a number of years and stayed home and passed out candy. Several of those years we had over 400 children visit our home.

I have two important meeting tomorrow. I will meet with the budget committee in the morning at 10:00 AM and present my proposed budget. The committee and I will discuss the various budgets and they will made a recommendation on the budget to the full city council at the November meeting. The council will have a month to study the budgets and ask questions. They will vote on the budgets in the December council meeting.

Tomorrow afternoon I will meet with the committee looking at the placement of stop signs in the city. I expect them to make a recommendation to the full council at the November meeting. I plan to ask them to adopt the regulations and then the street department will have in place the rules the council chooses. This will save some confusion about the placement of stop signs in the city.

Pat, Oscar, and I made a trip to VCSP this afternoon. Oscar enjoyed walking in the woods and Pat made about one hundred pictures. The fall foliage was beautiful.

Mississippi State had an away game last night, which they won. I listened to the final half on our way back from Jonesboro last night. State has an open date next week. They then play Alabama and in two weeks play Arkansas in Little and the final home game is against Ole Miss in Starkville .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

4:00 PM

The solid waste board spent about two hours and forty five minutes this morning discussing garbage issues. A lot of information was exchanged among the board members and members of the general public.

The bottom line is that no decision was made. We will meet again in December and try to reach a decision on solid waste. I think that I now have a handle on the way the board will proceed. I feel much better about actions that the board will take at the next meeting.

After the meeting I visited with the new person in charge at Delta Environmental. We had a very good meeting and I feel conformable that we can work together well.
5:45 AM

Today is a big day in the way garbage is handled in the City of Wynne and in Cross
County. Earlier this month the East Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management Board voted that all garbage (every type of garbage) must be taken to the landfill in West Memphis. The city has been taking our household garbage to West Memphis and the other trash that we collect to the Delta Environmental landfill located between Wynne and Parkin.

The actions of the board mean that all of our trash must go to West Memphis. It also means that all of the trash collected in the county and the trash that individual citizens and contractors must now go to West Memphis. This will probable mean that cost will increase.

The board meets this morning to have a public hearing on proposed regulations that will allow the board to enforce these regulations. After the public hearing, the board will vote on the new regulations. If these regulations are adopted it will force the local landfill to not accept any trash from Cross County. It will probably mean that the landfill cannot operate because of the loss of business.

I have mixed feelings about these regulations. In the past I thought that only household garbage had to be taken to West Memphis. I did not support the regulation that all trash had to go to West Memphis. I have supported this by making sure that our class one trash was taken to West Memphis. In fact we had to haul our class one trash to West Memphis for over a year to make sure that our class one trash was taken to West Memphis. This cost the city more money, but I supported the district in providing the city with an approved landfill to handle our garbage.

I do not support the regulation that all garbage go to the district landfill. I think that the local landfill should be allowed to accept the trash other than class one. But for the past eleven years, I have supported the district and if the new regulations are adopted, I will suport the action of the majority.

I look forward to the meetings this morning.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

4:10 PM

I went to the Mississippi State vs. Florida football game yesterday at Mississippi State. Mississippi State lost the game. The game was very competitive through the first three quarters, but Florida pulled away and won 29 to 19. Yesterday's game was the largest crowd ever in Starkville. The attendance was 57, 178.

I spent the night in Tupelo. That was the first time this year that I spent the night. I am glad that I did spend the night. Because of the large crowd it took a very long time to get off campus and then it was bumper to bumper from Starkville to highway 45. The traffic moved very slow until I reached highway 45. I did not get to Tupelo and the motel until almost 1:00 AM.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

7:45 PM

I made a trip to Iuka today to visit my mother on her 91st birthday. I did not tell her that I planned to visit. She was glad to see me. I stayed about three hours. We had a very good visit.

A few weeks ago mother asked me if I would like to have daddy's tool box and tools. I told her that I would like to have them. I got them today and brought them home. They are hand woodworking tools that daddy used when I was in junior and senior high school. During that time daddy worked some as a construction carpenter when he had to have a job. He never liked the job because he had to leave home to work in that trade. But, there were times he had to have a job and he would get his tools and make a construction job.

I do not know what is in the tool box. I do know that the tools are old and have not been used in about 50 years. I will go through the box in the next few days and find out what tools are in the box. I am sure that it will bring back some old memories.
6:27 AM

Today is my birthday. It is also my mother's birthday. I plan to not work today and make a surprise visit to see mother. Today I am 63 and mother is 91. It will be a long day, but it will be worth it to spend a little time with mother on our birthday.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1:45 PM

Last year Congressman Berry got an some money put in the budget for Town Creek in the City of Wynne. He got $50,000.00. His office notified me of the award. (Town Creek is a major ditch that runs through the city and ends at the Languille river) The city has been working to get some federal funds for this project for about 15 years.

Some time after I had the call from the congressman's office I received a call from a State of Arkansas official. The official told me of the award. I ask him what I could do with the money. I explained to him that this project was about a five million dollar project and that the fifty thousand would not allow us to get started. He agreed and I told him that I would have to turn down the money. He agreed that I should turn down the money.

On Monday of this week I received a call from the same individual from the state that had called last year. He asked me if I remembered our conversation of last year. I told him that I did remember the conversation. He informed me that the money was still there if I could use the money. We discussed some options for using the money. After our discussion I asked him if I could use the money to help pay for a bridge over this creek. He told me that he did not think that I could use the money to help pay for a bridge, but I might could use it to help pay for a box culvert rather than a bridge. (a box culvert would serve the same purpose as a bridge)

He told me that he would submit my proposal to the federal government. Today his office called and informed me that I could use the money to help pay for the box culvert, but if I took the money the City of Wynne would have to have a mitigation plan approved within a year of receiving the money. His office staff told me that a mitigation plan would cost at least $40,000.00. His office also told me that it usually takes five or more years for a mitigation plan to be accepted. I thanked his office for their help and told them that I was turning down the money.


Monday, October 19, 2009

1:45 PM

I spent most of the time on Saturday and Sunday afternoon watching football games on TV. I got to watch Mississippi State defeat Middle Tennessee. This is the first MSU game I have watched on TV. I have been watching them in person.

Jerry and his crew, with the help of our contractor, got the signal light at Hamilton and Falls repaired on Saturday. Jerry told me that both of the garbage trucks have been working well. I think that all of the small bugs of a new truck have been worked out. I hope so.

It did not rain any this weekend, but the temperature has dropped. The farmers got a lot of work completed this past weekend. They had been late with the harvest, because of the rain.

Thursday will be my birthday. It is also my mothers birthday. I plan to take off on Thursday and visit mother. She will be 91 on Thursday. She is able to still live alone. I am so thankful. It is important to her to be independent and live at her house. I do not plan to tell her that I am coming for a visit. If I told her she would try to prepare some food for me and I do not want to have her spend her time preparing food for me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

3:10 PM

I will probably be a little lost this weekend. I will not be going to a MSU football game. The team plays on the road this Saturday. I am kinda looking forward to a free Saturday. I will probably watch some games on TV.

I will attend three more games in Starkville and one in Little Rock. State has three more home games. They play Florida, Alabama and Ole Miss at home and play Arkansas in Little Rock. The team does not have a very good record, but I have really enjoyed my trips and the games this year. I have seen some really good teams play.

Theda and I have finished the budgets for next year. I have scheduled a meeting with the budget committee for November the 2nd. They will have a week to review the budgets and make a recommendation to the city council meeting in November. I will present the budgets to the full council at the November meeting and they will have one month to review and ask questions. They will then adopt the budgets (2010) at the December meeting.

It has not rained today. Seems odd not to have rain. We have had rain all but about three days so far this month. The temperature has dropped a lot since yesterday.

The city has developed a problem in one section of the city about the placement of a stop sign. As far back as I am aware decisions about traffic signs was made by the public works director and that system has worked well. Because of the fuss about the latest placement of a stop sign I have appointed a committee to develop a sign placement regulations. I anticipate taking their recommendation to the full council at the November meeting and have them adopt a written policy for the placement of stop signs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

8:15 AM

I have been Mayor of Wynne for eleven years. Eleven years ago I took the office of Mayor. I was appointed to fill out a term of the previous mayor. I have enjoyed my time of service to the citizens of Wynne serving as their mayor.

The city council met last night for their monthly meeting. Following is a summary of the actions taken:

1. Had a year end report from VDCI. They are basically through with their program for this year.

2. Passed a resolution setting the millage for real property tax at 5 mills for the city. This is the same rate that has been in place for a number of years.

3. Passed a resolution setting the millage for personal property tax at 5 mills for the city. This is the same rate that has been in place for a number of years.

4. Passed a resolution in support of an application by the city for a grant to purchase picnic table and benches for our city parks.

5. Passed a resolution in support of Crossridge Hospital to apply for a walking trail grant. The walking trail, if funded, will be on hospital property and connect with John Hayden Smith Park with a bridge.

6. Passed an Ordinance increasing fines for hosting under age drinking functions. There is a state law that covers this problem, but the ordinance the city council passed will increased the fines over the state law. I hope that this will aid in the problem of underage drinking by young people in the city.

7. I reported to the council the new rules for garbage that will change the location of the disposal of class three trash from the city and county. When the new rules are adopted all trash fromCross County must go to the West Memphis landfill. In the past we have not been taking class three trash to West Memphis. We have been taking this type of garbage to a landfill located between Wynne and Parkin.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

8:10 AM

A big truck made a turn too short last Friday morning and took out one of the city's traffic lights. The lights and the pole were completely destroyed. The street department has the three lights flashing red and have installed stop signs. The intersection is now a four way stop. That seems to be working well at the present time.

It takes at least six months to get a replacement pole for the lights. We were making plans to install a temporary pole and order a new pole. It turns out that the city already has a pole that can be used to make the repairs at the intersection. It is an old pole that was used at our old fire station. The city crews started taking down the pole yesterday afternoon, but decided to stop and do the work this morning because of the traffic on Falls.

I hope everything goes well and we can have the repairs made by this week end.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

7:00 AM

I went to the Mississippi State Football game yesterday. I had a good time, but we lost the game. We played the University of Houston. The final score was 31 to 24. If you like to see scoring yesterday was a good game to watch. Both teams had about 500 yards of offense.

The game was an 11:30 AM kickoff so I was not totally exhausted from making the trip. I left yesterday morning about 6:00 AM and got home about 8:00 PM last night. It was cool yesterday, but there was no rain during the game. I drove through several miles of slight rain from Mississippi State to Memphis. It was never very heavy but I had to run the wipers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

5:53 AM

The city street crews have been working on a drainage project the week. Last week the city hired a contractor to clean out a large ditch in south Wynne. The contractor completed their part of the work last week and this week the city crews have been finishing the project. This work will greatly improve the flow of water in the south part of the city.

Also the city crews have been working on some smaller projects around the city. Anytime the city works on drainage it aids in the flow of water in the city. The city crews spend quite a bit of time working on drainage around the city.

The garbage trucks have been operating fine this week. I hope that the mechanics finally have the bugs worked out of the new trucks. They have at least worked without any problems this past week. It is much easier to keep up with the removal of garbage when the equipment works at it should.

The city council meets for the regular monthly meeting next Tuesday. I expect the major item of discussion to be an ordinance dealing with teenage drinking. A council member has asked the other members to consider an ordinance dealing with this problem. There is a state law that was passed during the last session of the Arkansas legislature. The ordnance that the council member has proposed adds some more penalties to the law. I have not taken a position on this ordinance, but the police chief thinks that this will add more work for our officers and that their is a slim chance that the penalties will not be increased very much by the judge once it gets to court.

I will make a full report about the city council meeting in a blog next week.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday OCTOBER 8, 2009
5:30 AM

Yesterday I was able to help two old friends get together.

I received a letter at the city hall on Monday of this week. The letter was a request to help locate a woman who lived in Wynne. I did not read the letter a close as I should. I missed an important piece of information. I contacted several people I though might know the individual that was mentioned in the letter. I could not find anyone who knew the individual. The individuals in the letter had not had contact for more than forty years.

I emailed the couple making the request for information about an individual they thought lived in Wynne. I explained that I had not had any luck locating the individual they were looking for. I told them that I would continue to search and if I made any progress I would contact them.

After I sent the email I reread the letter, but this time I looked at the location of the couple requesting the information. I immediately recognized the situation and I knew the individual they were looking for. I made contact with the woman they were looking for and she made arrangements to come by the city hall and pick up the letter.

I emailed the couple and told them that I had contacted the lady they were looking for and that she was going to pick up the letter and make contact with them. When I got home yesterday afternoon I checked my email and I had received an email from the couple. They thanked me for my work on their request and told me that they had been contacted by the lady they were looking for. They had been catching up on more that forty years of not having contact.

By the way---The letter making the request was from England. If I had noticed that in the beginning I could have aided the couple sooner. The couple had last had contact with the woman in Wynne in 1961.

I am glad that I was able to bring them back together.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

10:50 AM

I am fixing to leave to go to Mississippi State for the football game with Georgia Tech.

It has been a busy week in the mayor's office. I have had several items that needed my attention. The residential garbage has had some problems, but the mechanic thinks that they finally have it properly repaired. The mechanic rode with the driver for the complete route on Thursday. The truck has not had any problems on Thursday or Friday.

The street department has been busy this week. They did several patching with asphalt this week. The plant has been running this week. We have to make repairs when the plant is operating. The plant has not operated very many days this paving season. I think that the street department was able to complete all of the patching that they needed to take care of this week.

The solid waste board met on Thursday of this week. The big news coming out of the board meeting was a major change in where we must take our class three trash. The board voted this week to require all trash in Cross County to be disposed of in the Crittenden County landfill in West Memphis. At the present time the city is taking our class three trash to the Delta Environmental landfill between Wynne and Parkin. This change in regulation will require the city to now take that trash to West Memphis. That means instead of about a 15 mile round trip to dump we will now have to make about a 100 mile round trip. This change will increase our cost of providing this service. I have been working on the details to come up with a cost to the city to make this change. I plan to discuss this at the next city council meeting to get their input before a final decision is made.

I made a quick trip to Drasco Arkansas yesterday. I went to look at a 1954 Ford pickup. I would like to have a truck of this type. I have been looking for several months trying to locate one that I would buy. I liked this truck, but the battery was dead and I could not drive the truck. Because of the price of the truck I told the owner that I was interested in his truck, but that I would not spend the price he wanted for this truck without a test drive. He told me that he understood. He said that he would purchase a battery and give me a call and I could return to test drive the truck and make a decision about purchasing the truck. The truck has been in Drasco since it was purchased new from Ford. The present owner received it from his father who had owned the truck until his death.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

3:45 PM

The residential garbage truck has been working fine since the latest problem. I think that the mechanics now have the truck working correctly. The new system, other than a few problems with the truck, is working well. Most of the residents are now placing their cans on the street properly and are not too close to objects. The driver continues to improve and his time is getting quicker. Last week when we had rain I was glad that we did not have to have men working on the back of the truck.

I went to the Mississippi State and LSU football game. The game was a very good game and the crowd was excellent. It rained on me from Memphis all the way to MSU. The rain stopped about the end of the first quarter. The only bad part of the day was we lost 30 to 26. MSU did have a chance to win. They had the ball on the two yard line first and goal. They were stopped with the ball on about the 1/2 inch line.

Theda took a vacation day on Friday. I spent more time than usual in the office. I spent a good deal of time working on a grant for some equipment for our city parks. About the only thing that I need to complete the grant is the cost of shipping on the equipment. I have requested that information from the company. When I receive that information, I will complete the grant.

At the last city council meeting I gave the council members a memo and I verbally to submit any changes that they would like to see in next years budgets. As of today I have not received any comments from the council members. I have been working on the budgets for several days, but starting next week I will spend a lot of time preparing the budgets to be presented to the council at the November meeting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6:45 PM

Last night Pat and I were in the living room when there was a knock at the back door. Pat answered the door (after getting Oscar under control). I could hear Pat talking to the people at the back door, I went to the back door and saw two young people talking to Pat. One of the young people at the back door was a young girl from our neighborhood. The other young person was a young boy that I did not recognize. Pat ask them if they would like to meet the Mayor. The young girl knows that I am the mayor. They answered that they would like to meet the mayor. I introduced myself to the young man and he told me his name and told me that he was in the process of moving to my neighborhood. He told me who his family was and I know his grandfather. I asked him to say hello to his grandfather for me. He then told me that he thought that the mayor lived in a big house not a small one like I live in. I told him that I was the mayor and that this was my home and that the house he was moving into was larger than my home.

We had more problems today with the residential garbage truck. A mechanic came from Little Rock and made the necessary repairs. I called Jerry about an hour ago and he told me that the mechanic had been riding with him since about two o'clock and that the truck had been working properly. He was planning to leave and go back to his shop. I hope that we now have all of the bugs worked out on this truck.

I had a meeting in Forrest City yesterday. I noticed that gas was $2.18 per gallon. I stopped and filled up. I had a meeting again in Forrest City today. I noticed today that the price had dropped to $2.17 per gallon. The lowest price of gas in Wynne today was $2.26 per gallon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

4:00 PM

Pat and I made a quick trip to Memphis today to see her doctor. He said that her bones had completely healed and that she could return to work next Monday. She was glad to be well, but she was not excited about going back to work.

About ten o'clock this morning Jerry came my office and said that the residential garbage truck would not run. He had called the dealer and a mechanic was on his way. When I returned after lunch I went to the sanitation department and inquired about the truck. He told me that the dealer got the truck going after about three hours and it worked fine. Then the controls for the dumping of the cans had stopped. He had called the dealer and a mechanic was on his way. He went outside and started the truck and everything was working fine. On my way to city hall I met the mechanic.

We had a pretty good weekend. The forecast had been for rain on both days. We missed it both days. My yard needed to be cut so I did that Saturday morning and mostly watched football the rest of the time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5:45 PM

We have had a lot of rain over past day. I emptied my rain gage last night about 6:30 pm. I checked it today during the noon hour and it had 4 inches of rain in the gage. I have not checked it since noon, but it has rained quite a bit this afternoon. A few minutes ago on the weather on a Little Rock TV station the prediction is that we would have rain for the next four days.

I drove around Wynne early this morning and there were many full ditches around the city. The street crews were out working on removing the items that were slowing down the flow of water out of Wynne. A few hours later the ditches were flowing good and there was no flooding.

Our new residential garbage truck has had some problems over the past two days. A mechanic came from Little Rock yesterday and he though the he had the problem fixed. He did not. He came back to Wynne today and made some more repairs on the truck. The truck has worked fine this afternoon. Hopefully the truck will operate without any more problems.

Last week I was searching for some information on the official state of Arkansas web site. When I connected to the web site I was surprised to see a very familiar face. My own face. The picture on the web site is actually one of six pictures and they change every few seconds. The picture of me is one with the governor and other local officials at the ground breaking for the Delta Regional Airport in Colt.

I was telling this story to a friend of mine and he stopped me and said I know what you are going to tell to me. He said that his wife had discovered the same picture while looking at the web site last week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7:10 PM

I spent most of the day out of Wynne. This morning Jerry and I went to Searcy to look at a track hoe. We plan to purchase a new track hoe next year. A dealer in Searcy has one in stock that is the type we would like to purchase. Jerry was pleased with the track hoe we looked at.
We discussed our needs and Jerry said that this machine will meet our needs. Jerry had a chance to check our the machine and we were pleased with our visit.

We left Searcy and went to Jonesboro. Tri State Truck Center held a luncheon an made a presentation about the new emission standards that will apply to all diesel trucks that are made after the first of next year. We will probably not purchase a new big truck for two years from now, but we felt that we needed to listen to the information that will apply to the next big truck we purchase. The new emission requirements will add between $9,600.00 and $11,500.00 to the price of trucks made after the first of next year. The company made, what I thought was a good presentation.

Today was a long day, but I think the information we were able to gain was worth the time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

10:45 AM

I am at Amy's home in Memphis now. Pat has been here a week. She is spending some time with Amy as she has started her new job.

Amy started her new job on Tuesday of this week. She has had a very busy week. The funeral home has been very busy this week. She is now on her way to work. She has a number of responsibilities at the funeral home today. This afternoon she has to conduct a funeral. Because of the individual and the job this individual had, there will be a huge crowd.

Amy seems to really enjoy her new job. She enjoys the people she is working with at the funeral home.

Pat continues to improve, but she is still having a lot of pain and she can not have weight on her broken leg very long. I remember the the doctor told us that it would take six months to a year for a complete recovery. She is scheduled to go back to the doctor in about ten days. I hope that she will be able to return to work after her check up.

I went to the junior high football game on Thursday night and the senior high football game on Friday night. I enjoyed both games but the Wynne teams lost both games. Someone in the stands told me that this group of young people had excellent records before Thursday night.

I have started working on the budgets for next year. I do not plan any big changes, but I do plan to propose some additions to some of the budgets.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

4:00 PM

The city took delivery of our new knuckle boom truck this morning. The company picked up the knuckle boom truck that we had been using. We immediately put our truck in service.
9:00 AM

The Wynne City Council met last night and took the following actions:

1. Had a report from VDCI--This has been the worst year for mosquitoes since
2004. The contractor told the council that they had encountered more mosquitoes
in all of the cities that they service. Overall he told the council that he was pleased
with the results that they had been able to provide the citizens. He also reminded
the council that they offer a control program---not an eradication program.

2. Passed a wellhead protection ordinance. This ordinance protects the area around
the wells that the water system uses for drinking water for Wynne.

3. The council defeated an ordinance that would have given a cost of living increase
to mayors who have retired since 1987 from the city. The individuals that this affect
are the only people retired from the city that do not get a cost of living increase on
their retirement.

4. Rezoned a piece of property from R2 to A1. A local developer had part of a subdivision
that he returned to A1 because the market for building lots in not very good now and this
will save him some money on taxes.

5. They also voted to purchase a new fire truck. The bought a new truck, but it is a
demonstrator. It has not even left the factory but it is classified as a demo because
it was not a sold order when it was build. This saved the city several thousand dollars.

6. The council also accepted the bid of Cross County Bank to finance this truck. They
were the low bidder for this loan.

7. The council passed an ordinance that updated the building codes for the city. This
action takes place when new building codes are adopted. We are now using the
latest building codes that have been approved by the state.

8. The council also changed the fees for moving a building and the fees collected for
demolition of a building.

9. The last item for the council was a change in the way a building permit for a
manufactured home is determined. The old way was a flat fee. The new fee will
be based on the square feet of the home.

I also placed a memo in the city council for suggestions for any changes that they would like to see in the 2010 budget for the city. I asked them to provide their input before October 1st. I have always asked for input from the council as I make a budget each year. I will actually prepare a budget during the month of October and present it to the council in November. They will have a month to study the budget and pass the budget in the December meeting of the council.

The sales tax proposal for economic development for the county was voted on yesterday. It was defeated again. This time the results were 1343 no and 1204 for the tax.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10:45 AM

The Wynne City Council meets tonight for their regular monthly meeting. I will report the actions taken tomorrow on this blog.

Amy and I went to Mississippi State for a football game on Saturday. It was a very long day, but State won the game and Amy and I had a good time.

Friday night two of my good friends were killed in an auto accident. Eldon Wadell and Sharron Forrester both lost their life in an accident late Friday afternoon. They were on their way to the WHS football game in Marion.

I went to Mr. Wadell's service yesterday morning and I went to the visitation for Mrs. Forrester last night. I would like to go to her service, but the service is today at 5:00 PM and I think that it might cut it to close to making the city council meeting tonight. I did get a chance to express my condolences to the family last night.

Amy went home on Sunday afternoon. Pat and I went over to her home and Pat is going to stay this week with her as she adjust to being at home after a three week absence. It has been good to have her home helping with Pat.

She started a new job yesterday. She actually did not work any yesterday because there was no work for her to complete at the funeral home. She did go in today. They had some work that she will complete. I hope that everything goes well and she has a good experience working at this funeral home. She really enjoys working at a funeral home.

The new residential garbage truck is working well. The driver is getting quicker with everyday work dumping the cans and getting used to new routes. The city picked up residential trash yesterday, but a large number of residents did not have their carts out. A large number of citizens have the cans out today, but they will not be dumped until next Monday.

The city informed the citizens on the local radio station and in the local newspaper. We also informed the citizens on our new website. It is apparent that some citizens do not follow any of the above. Those are the only options that the city can use to inform the citizens.

Our new knuckle boom truck is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. The new system using two trucks is working well. The city has been able to stay up with the class three trash being placed on the curb for removal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

9:10 AM

The official City of Wynne web site is now on line. The address is cityofwynne.com.

Take a look at the site.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10:40 AM

The residential garbage collection went smooth yesterday. The driver made a list of the cans that were not placed on the street properly. Those cans were not emptied. We will probably hear from those citizens. We feel like the residents have had proper information about the placement of carts and if they call we can tell them why their cart was not emptied.

The driver also made a list of residents who did not have a cart out when the truck went by their residence. He also noted the time. If they call we can give them the reason that their cart was not emptied.

Most of the residents had properly followed the instructions. One of the biggest changes is the time the cart will be emptied. That time will change for almost every resident.

We feel that we must follow the instructions or the citizens will never comply with the new rules.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

12:10 PM

Next week will be a big week in the collection of residential garbage in Wynne. We will fully implement our new automated truck collecting the residential trash in Wynne. This past week we used the new truck, but we sent a crew ahead of the truck and properly placed the carts on the street for collection. If the carts were not placed on the street properly the crew left a note informing the resident that beginning next week if the cart was not properly placed on the street it would not be dumped. This has all been explained in a newspaper type flyer placed on all carts a few weeks ago. I know that there will be some problems, but I think once the residents fully cooperate this system will work very well.

Beginning Monday if the carts are not placed on the street properly it will not be emptied. If the cart is not on the street when the truck goes by the crew will not return later and dump the cart. When the truck is making its rounds, a record will be kept of the location of the carts that are not placed properly and the location and time of households that do not have a cart placed on the street. The day of pickup day has not been changed, but because of the route the truck must operate the time will change for a number of residents. The instructions have been that the cart must be on the street by 7:00 AM.

The new knuckle boom truck operating full time and the old one operating part time has made it possible for the sanitation department to keep up with the volume of trash placed on the street. I hope that using this new system allows us to stay up with the trash placed on the street. If our costs increase very much we will not be able to provide this service for the present rates. The one cost that will probably determine this is the price of fuel. If fuel cost remains at the present level and the tipping fee remains about the same we can continue to offer this service for the present fees collected.

I have started work on the budgets for the city for 2010. I have prepared a memo for the city council members asking for their input. I hope that they will respond to my request if they would like to see changes in our budgets.

This week has been very comfortable. The temperatue has been lower for the past several days. I have enjoyed the cooler temps.

Pat is making good progress recovering from her broken leg. I hope she continues to make improvements and gets back to full strength and use of her leg.

Theda has been very busy putting information on the new web site for the city. We have made all of the changes to the layout of the home screen. From now own we can continue to add information as needed. I think that the public will be pleased with the web site. It should go live for the public next week. I will inform readers of this blog when it is available and the address for website when it is completed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

12:55 PM

The city is now using one knuckle boom truck full time and we are using another one when the driver is free from other duties to remove class three trash from the residents homes in Wynne. This new system seems to be working well. I hope that using this system allows us to stay up with the volume of trash that is being place on the streets.

The city started operating our new residential garbage truck on Monday. We are sending a crew in front of the truck and making sure that the carts are placed on the street properly. If the carts are not properly on the street this crew is placing them on the street in a position so that the can will be properly emptied. They are also placing a note on the can informing the resident that this is the only time this service will be provided. Beginning with their next trash day if the can in not properly placed on the street it will not be emptied. We had not planned to put the new truck in to operation until next Monday, but we thought that we would give the residents one more chance to comply with the new regulations and if they were not in compliance, we would leave them a note. The new truck is working well.

Amy accepted a job yesterday. She is excited about returning to work in the funeral industry. She will be able to live in her home and not have to move to work for this funeral home. Please keep Amy in your prayers as she begins a new chapter in her life. Also thank you for your concern for her during this most difficult time in her life.

Pat went back to the doctor on Monday. He told us that she was making good progress and that if progress continues, she will be able to return to work in a month. Thank you for your concerns, food, calls and prayers during this time accident and recovery for Pat.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

4:05 PM

I have not written in several days. I will try to catch up on what has been going on.

The city has received its new residential garbage truck. The drivers met with an individual who has developed the most efficient routes for the truck. Basically the truck only makes right turns. The drivers have had two days to practice using this new truck and system. They and Jerry feel like that they have had enough practice. Because of this the new system of removing garbage will be implemented starting tomorrow morning.

The city crews have delivered a press release about the new system to every residential customer. Starting next week if the carts are not placed on the street in the correct way they will not be emptied. I know that we will have some calls, but we think that the residents have have proper notification. We will soon find out.

We have taken delivery of a rental knuckle boom truck. Our own truck should be here in a couple of weeks. I hope that operating one truck full time and another one on a part time
basis we will be able to stay up with the class three trash. If we cannot we will have to go to plan B.

My neighbor for the last 30 + years has passed away. Her funeral is tomorrow morning. I will not be able to attend, because I have to take Pat to the doctor for a checkup. Pat is improving daily. I hope that in a few more days she will be back to full strength.

The new website for the city has been developed. At the present time Theda is putting the information on the website. In two weeks the website will be available for anyone to view. We will not have all of the information in that time frame, but we can make changes and additions each day if necessary. I am impressed with what has been developed and the information that has been placed on the website so far. I will give the web address when it goes on line. At the present time the only people who have access are Theda and myself.

The summer sealing process for the city has been completed. This year we were able to seal 13 streets. Sealing does not look as good as hot mix, but it cost 1/5 per square foot to apply. If we had placed hot mix on the streets we could only have overlaid 3 or fewer streets. The sealing will increase the life of the streets but will not last as long as hot mix.

Amy has an appointment with a funeral home on Tuesday morning. We think that they will offer her a job. In fact about the only thing that has to be worked out are the duties and the pay she will receive for her work. I hope and pray that she and the funeral home can come to an acceptable agreement. She is ready to go back to the funeral business.

Friday, August 14, 2009

11:10 AM

There has been a small problem with the knuckle boom truck that the city bought on Tuesday night. The truck that we had purchased does not meet our specs. It was the company's fault and they have agreed to have a demonstrator truck here on Sunday for us to use until the truck we bought can be delivered. The truck we bought should be here within two weeks. The company will not charge us for the use of their demonstrator.

Our new residential truck in in Little Rock. The truck will be delivered to the Mack dealer in Jonesobro on Monday. They have to fully check out the truck. That should take at the most two days. They should deliver it to us the latter part of next week.

We have received the information sheets about residential trash and they have been placed in plastic bags. We plan to distribute them starting next Monday. We will keep our old truck for a few days. During that time we plan to have our drivers become familiar with the new truck before we release our old truck.

I know that there will be some problems as we implement this new way of dumping the cans, but after a few days I expect it to go smooth.

Monday we have an individual coming to make routes for the new truck. The day of pickup will not change, but the time of the dumping will change. I anticipate a number of calls during the first few days of operation.

I took Pat to her heart doctor in Memphis for her annual check up. She got an excellent report. In fact the doctor told her that she did not need to come back for two years.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10:15 AM

The Wynne City Council met for their regular monthly meeting last night. Following is a brief description of the actions.

1. Heard a report from VDCI about their efforts the past month. It was a difficult month
because of so much rain.

2. Andy Boone made a presentation about changes that need to be made in the Wynne
Parks and Recreation program. He discussed a number of items that need to be addressed.
There was also good interaction with Mr. Boone and members of the city council as well as
several of the members of the audience. He presented the City of Wynne budget and the
amount of money spent on parks and recreation. He also presented the same information
from several cities around Wynne. The total budget for the City of Wynne and our parks
budget is much smaller than any of the cities he presented. He also pointed out that Wynne
was the only city on the list that does not have a city sales tax.

After much discussion the audience and the council agreed to form a committee and present
a plan for improvement to the city parks. They plan to ask the citizens for a sales tax increase to pay for the improvements and also to better keep up with the routine care
of the parks and make capital improvments.

3. Passed an ordinance abandoning an alley.

4. Passed an ordinance to correct a mistake in an ordinance relating to jail fees that was passed
last month.

5. They discussed and ordinance dealing with wellhead protection for the city water wells.
They decided not to take action on that ordinance, because the manage of the water
utilities was unable to attend the meeting and they wanted to ask some questions before
they adopted the ordinance.

6. There was also a discussion of the class three trash problem in Wynne. They voted to
purchase a new knuckle boom truck and keep the present truck. The sanitation
will operate the old truck part time in an effort to keep the class three trash removed
on schedule from the streets of Wynne.

Monday, August 10, 2009

3:45 PM

I am back at work, in fact I have been back for about an hour.

The appointment went well with the doctor. He said that Pat was doing fine. He told her that she could start putting weight on her broken leg. He said about 50% of her weight. He prescribed physical therapy for her. She is to have PT three times a week for two weeks and then return to him for another visit and evaluation. He thinks that she will probably be off work at least one more month.
9:15 AM

I was mistaken about Pat's doctors appointments. She only has one today. We have to go to her Orthopedic surgeon today. She has to go to her heart doctor on Thursday. I had though that both were today.

I am at the office today for a while I wait to go to Memphis.

The information for our citizens has been printed and shipped. It is scheduled to arrive today. We plan to start putting them out. Once they have all been distributed, we will implement the rules for placing the cart on the street. There will be some confusion, but the citizens must be trained or the new truck will not be able to dump the carts.

The city council will meet tomorrow night. We have a long agenda. There are a group of citizens who have asked to address the council about the city ball fields. Sometimes these group forget that the parks are operated by a commission, and they are responsible for all of the parks in the city, not just the ball fields. Sometimes the citizens do not understand the money that it takes to operate the city parks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

10:30 AM

I have been very busy dealing with a variety of city projects and problems this week. The August meeting of the city council is next Tuesday. We have a full agenda. I will make a report after the meeting.

I have scheduled two meetings before the council meets on Tuesday. The solid waste committee will meet and discuss our class four trash service. We must make some changes. The personnel committee will also meet. They need to make a decision about one of the pension plans.

I have talked with the printer of our information about the changes that will take place in the next few weeks. They should be here in a few days. We will distribute them to every household at least two weeks before we implement changes. The new truck will be delivered next week or at the latest in two weeks. The truck is in Little Rock. The bed supplier has to install some cameras and then the truck has to go to Jonesboro for a final check from Mack. I know that we will have some problems with the changes, but I am excited about the new system of removing class one trash.

Monday I will take Pat back to the doctor for a check up. I hope everything goes well and she can get back to a normal life. Please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2:00 PM

I purchased two new time clocks in January for use in the Dept. of Public Works and the Police dept. I did this because of some US Dept of Labor and EEOC investigations. I purchased time clocks that operate using a computer and uses the employee fingerprint to record time. This system will make it easier for these departments to keep up with the time of employees.

Our IT person installed the new time clocks and they would not run. They would shut off without any warning. The IT person contacted the clock company and were told that he would have to buy a certain kind of connector from them for the clocks to work properly. He ordered the connections and they still have not been received. I have been frustrated and made several calls checking on the status of the connectors. I was told every time that the connectors were on back order and there was only one supplier. I became frustrated yesterday and called the time clock company and explained the problem. They said that they had plenty of connectors. I called the IT persons and relayed the information. A representative of the IT company had canceled the order without the owners permission. We discovered this yesterday. That employee was fired for other reasons three months ago from the IT company. The owner ordered the connectors yesterday and they should be here next week. He said that it was his fault and that he would do the work and pay for the connectors at no charge to the city. I hope, by this time, next week to have the new system operational.
11:00 AM

The city plans to implement the new residential garbage service about September 1, 2009. The truck has been completed. We could take delivery at almost anytime. Before we take delivery the city plans to distribute the rules regarding the placement and proper alignment of the can on the street. We plan to do this at least two weeks before we start using the new truck.

The plans are if the carts are not placed properly, the can will not be emptied. I know this will cause citizens to call the sanitation department. We know this and are prepared to deal with the calls. The calls will give us an opportunity to tell the citizens how the cart must be placed on the street. The local radio station has already interviewed me about this change, but there are a number of residents that do not listen to the local station or read the local paper.

The company that we purchased the truck body from will be here to develop routes for this new truck. The days will not change, but the time of day the cart is emptied will change. This will be implemented to most efficiently use the new truck. I also know that this small change will cause a number of calls. Citizens are used to having the truck come by about the same time each week. The time the cart is emptied will change, but not the day. Our instructions are the cart must be on the street by 7:00 AM of the day of pickup. The rules also state that the cart should be removed from the street by 6:00 PM on trash day. I think that the new system will be more efficient that the old system and we will not have employees on the back of a truck in all kinds of weather.

Last week I sent the city council members a memo about class three trash removal. The city cannot remove the amount of trash that is placed on the street on a consistent basis. We are going to have to make some changes or continue to deal with angry citizens who are calling the sanitation department. I presented the council members with some possible solutions and also asked for their input. They may have a much better solution than me. I have only heard from two members as I write this blog. I hope that we can reach a solution to this problem and solve it at the next council meeting.

Friday, July 31, 2009

FRIDAY JULY 31, 2009
10:45 AM

I went to Searcy on Wednesday afternoon and returned to Wynne yesterday afternoon. I attended the annual planning meeting of the executive committee of the Arkansas Municipal League. We had a very productive meeting as we decided on the plans for the municipal league programs for the next year.

We met at Harding University. We were all impressed with the facilities that we used for our meetings and meal functions. I enjoyed seeing and visiting with my fellow city officials from around the state.

The group went downtown Searcy to a dinner theater for a meal and entertainment on Wednesday night. We were treated to an excellent meal and the entertainment was outstanding.

The trip over on Wednesday afternoon and the trip back yesterday afternoon was terrible. I made both trips in a downpour of rain. I had to drive much less than the speed limit just to be able to see the highway and control my truck.

After I returned to Wynne I was on my way to the barber shop and the director of public works flagged me down. He wanted me to see the damage to our public works building. Yesterday afternoon we had some strong winds in that section of the city. These winds resulted in the collapse of the ceiling in the break room of the public works building. There was no water damage or any roof damage but the ceiling was in a mess. We contacted a contractor this morning and employed him to make repairs to the building. There was also some wind damage to Kelleys restaurant for the same wind.

Amy came to Wynne and stayed with Pat while I was gone to Searcy. They had a good time visiting during her visit. They both said that Amy spend a lot of time playing with Oscar. He was tired last night. In fact he went to bed a little earlier than normal.

I have complete a memo to the city council members about our class three trash problems. I have given them some options to solve the problem and I have also asked them for their input before a decision is made. We must make some changes to this service. We cannot stay up with the amount of trash that is placed on the street with the manpower and equipment we now have assigned to this service. I look forward to getting their input as we solve this problem.

Pat continues to make improvements with her broken leg. Please continue to remember her in your prayers and also remember me as I assist her and try to work at the city hall.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3:15 PM

I have spent a good bit of time today working on the information we plan to distribute to the citizens about the new way residential trash cans will be dumped in the future. Sometime over night I received a proof of the publication. I reviewed it along with three other people. We reached a consensus about the publication and a few minor changes. I submitted the changes to the company. The company replied in a short time with our changes. After review, we have the final proof ready to go to the printer.

I have also spent time today working on projects that I plan to propose for the 2010 budget. I will have two committee meeting to get further input on my plans. It seems early, but it is time to begin work on the city budget for 2010.

One of the projects that I plan to discuss with the solid waste committee is the need for an additional truck in the sanitation department. We must add a truck, if we are to keep up with the removal of class three trash. The city cannot stay up with the amount of trash that is being placed on the street using only one truck. I hope that the council agrees. When they went back to picking up all of the trash my impression was that they wanted it pickup on the same schedule as the normal household trash. We cannot provide that service with the present staff and equipment. If the fuel prices remain about the same, I think that we can provide the extra truck
on the money that is now being collected. That may not be true, but if we do not add another truck, we will have to cut back on the service that we are attempting to now provide.

Another issue that a committee has been looking at for several months is retirement for a few elected officials. At the present time once a limited number of former elected officials begin drawing a retirement the amount remains the same throughout their life. A couple of years ago the state legislature passed a law that allows city council members to give up to a 3% cost of living adjustment to these former elected officials. Elected officials now are in another retirement plan and that plan has a yearly cost of living adjustment. It seems fair that this small number of former elected officials should be given this small adjustment. I hope that the committee and then the full council agree to grant this small cost of living adjustment for these former elected officials.

Pat seems to be improving daily. She told me at lunch that she had spent a good deal of the morning sitting and not lying down. Please keep her in your prayers. Also keep me in your prayers as I conduct city business and take care of Pat.

Monday, July 27, 2009

MONDAY JULY 27, 2009
2:50 PM

I have been busy today. I have had several issues that required action. I think that those issues are over for now.

I talked with the man that is producing the information sheets for our new residential garbage system. He plans to send the the final proof copy today. If I approve they should be here in about two weeks. They contain a lot of information about our new system and other information about other services that the sanitation department provides. A change in the system requires citizens to place their garbage contain on the edge of the street in a certain position. We plan to provide each customer with the regulations about the middle of next month. If the carts are not placed properly, they will not be emptied. I expect a number of calls, but when we start using the new truck in early September. The driver will be the only person on the new truck. He will not be expected to get out of the truck and properly place the cans for dumping.

I met with a representative of Entergy this morning. I plan to add three new street lights on the southern part of the city. I have called Woodruff and requested a meeting. We need to add several on the northern part of the city. It could be interesting. They have never placed street lights like the ones we need in that part of town. There are some highway regulations, that the representative of Woodruff had never heard of those regulations. I expect a call in the next few days.

I worked in the yard about 1/2 day on Saturday. I did not complete all the work that I had planned, but I will finish over the next few days.

Pat had a pretty good weekend. She was feeling much better today at noon. Joyce Futrell brought food to the house on Friday night. She brought six vegetables, chicken strips, dessert and corn bread. I think that was just what Pat needed. We even made two meals of the food and still have a small amount left. Shelby Wilkins brought dinner yesterday. She brought a beef roast with all the trimmings. We certainly enjoyed the food. We will probably have leftovers from Sunday for several meals.

The street department is working on another drainage project. They are installing a pipe to better handle the water in a section of ward 5.

Friday, July 24, 2009

FRIDAY JULY 24, 2009
10:30 AM

I have been busy this week. I have been catching up on a few items that I had to put off because of helping with Pat.

Pat is doing well considering her injury. I am still doing my best to make her easy and take care of all of her needs.

There is not any major things going on with the city. It is kinda of routine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12:04 PM

Pat went to the surgeons office for a check up yesterday. She got a good report. The doctor said that the healing was doing well. He told her that she could put a little weight on the leg, would not have to keep it elevated and that she could take her boot off several times a day and move her foot and ankle. They removed the staples yesterday. The doctor and nurse showed us the x-rays of her leg. They had to put in 9 screws and a plate to aid in the healing of her leg.

After the doctors appointment we returned to Wynne. It is good to be back home and have Pat at home. I think that I will be able to take care of her by myself.

Amy is working this week at a cremation business in Memphis. She is helping our the owner while he is on vacation. I went out yesterday morning and Amy gave me a tour of the facility. The process and the equipment was very interesting. This just adds to my information about the business of dying. I know more than I ever thought I would know because of Amy's profession and my operating a cemetery.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

9:31 AM

The Wynne City Council met last night for the regular monthly meeting. The following items were acted on:

Passed a resolution setting a public hearing for the closing of an alley.

Extended the contract for management of Deshay Park for the city.

Heard a report from VDCI for the past month.

Amended an ordinance increasing the fee paid by people involved in the justice system. We increased the amount of the fine for jail fees from the present $5.00 to $25.00. This increase should cover the amount the city pays the county to keep the city law breakers in the county jail.

I made a presentation to the council about developing a website for the city. After I made the presentation and answered questions the council had a very good discussion about a website. They then voted to proceed with the development of a website for the city. The website should be operational in about one month. That will only be a start, but we will have a web presence. It will take a few months to get all the information on the website that we plan to place on the website.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3:55 PM

I am back at work today after missing several days taking care of Pat and her broken leg.

I have been very busy catching up on items that need my attention. I had a meeting this morning with a representative of a website company. I was very impressed with her ideas for a City of Wynne website. The city council meets tonight and I plan to present the information to the council members. Over the years I have, as well as some council members, had to request that the city develop a website. I hope that the council will approve the plan and the city can have a website.

The city council has a short agenda tonight. The meeting should not take very long.

I talked with Pat today and she is doing fine considering her situation.

I will try to report tomorrow on the actions of the city council.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SUNDAY JULY 12, 2009
6:10 PM

Today has been a routine day. Amy and I have been taking care of Pat and we have also doing chores around the house. We cooked dinner today. We had a beef roast with all of the trimmings. We all three enjoyed our dinner. We even had some left to eat later.

Amy has just left to embalm a body or two. One of her mortician friends called and asked her to come help with the bodies. She was glad to have a chance to work again in her profession. She was excited when she left. She has missed not being able to work.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2:30 PM

I made a quick trip to Wynne this morning. I needed to go to pickup our mail, mow the yard, and pick up a few items that we need.

I visited with the neighbors and did my chores and returned to Memphis.

I will be in Wynne next week. I have a couple of meetings I need to attend and the city council meets Tuesday night. I also need to report on the council meeting on KWYN Wednesday morning.

Pat has decided to stay in Memphis through the 20th. She has a doctors appointment on that day and we will decide what course of action to take in relation to her recovery. Hopefully we will be able to return to Wynne after the doctors appointment.

Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Friday, July 10, 2009

FRIDAY JULY 10, 2009
3:10 PM

Pat's surgery went well. We are at Amy' home in Memphis. We will make a decision about what to do about going home in a day or two.

Pat has to lie down with her foot and leg elevated for at least ten more days. She has an appointment with her surgeon in ten days. He will evaluate her case at that time and give us instructions.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

5:10 PM

Today has been nothing out of the regular routine. Amy and I have been taking care of Pat.
She has surgery tomorrow on her broken leg.

In between taking care of Oscar and Pat I have been working in Amy's yard. This afternoon Pat told Amy that if we stayed much longer she would not have any grass left in her yard.

I talked to my brother this afternoon for and update on my mother. She had surgery on her back this afternoon. He said everything went well and the doctor was pleased with the work he was able to complete. (My mother is almost 91 years old.)

I talked with all of the department heads and Theda today. Everything is going smooth in the City of Wynne. Jerry and I did discuss a change that we will have to undertake in the sanitation department. Tuesday's route has to be changed a little so the men can complete the route in a normal day. We discussed the ways to achieve this and decided on a plan. We will make the changes in a week or two. We will notify all of the families that are going to be changed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6:30 PM

The situation is the same as it has been since Monday. Pat is lying down with her broken leg elevated.

Amy and I are doing our best to take good care of her. She is scheduled to have surgery on Friday morning.

Please keep us in your prayers.

The city seems to be running smoothly. I have stayed in touch with the department heads and Theda.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3:05 PM

Pat saw a doctor yesterday afternoon. He confirmed that she had broken two bones and one of them twice. He will perform surgery early Friday morning. He will put in three screws and one plate. He said that the surgery should take about one hour. We have to wait for the swelling to go down before the surgery can be performed.

We are staying at Amy's in Memphis. Amy and I are taking good care of Pat.

Keep us in your prayers.

Monday, July 6, 2009

8:35 AM

This has not been a good weekend. Pat and I visited Amy on Saturday for the weekend. Pat had to visit a doctor on Monday. She had planned to stay over Sunday night and the come home after her appointment. I had planned to go home Sunday afternoon.


Saturday afternoon we planned to go for a quick ride around town. As Pat was getting in the truck she fell and broke both bones in her left leg. She broke one of the bones twice. We went to the emergency room at Methodist Hospital. We spent about 6 hours at the ER. The placed a temporary cast on and sent us home. They told us that she would need to see a doctor to do surgery and set the leg. They said that it would probably be several days before surgery would be possible because of the swelling. At this time Pat in talking with the doctors office trying to set up an appointment to take care of the problem. More information later.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1:08 PM

I spent most of the morning in Jonesboro and traveling to and from. I went to my doctor that old men have to visit. I got a good report.

I have had a tremendous weight gain. (The nurse always weighs patients) I have gained three pounds in the last two years.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

9:27 AM

The last few days have been unusual in the operation of the city. Last week one of our police cars was in the shop for some repairs. The mechanic was test driving the car and had an accident that totaled our car and probably the car he hit. The accident was determined to be the fault of the driver of our car.

The fire department had some truck problems last week that caused two of the trucks to be out of service for a period of time. This happened while the chief was on vacation but he returned and took care of the problems.

The street department has been working for several days on a drainage project. Yesterday the surveying equipment that is owned by the street department stopped working. We borrowed an instrument from a local business and it quit working. We then borrowed an instrument from another business that worked so the work continues. During this down time we made a trip to Jonesboro to purchase a new instrument. When we arrived at Jonesboro the supplier did not have the equipment we needed in stock. We have ordered a new instrument, but it will be several days before we can have it delivered. In the meantime, the local business is allowing the city to use his instrument. It is good to have good relations with our local community that allows us to borrow equipment on an emergency basis.

The temperature has been very high the last few days. Yesterday, because of the high temperature, we sent the residential garbage personnel home early. They plan to complete yesterdays route this morning.

We also have a potential problem with one of our employees. I hope for the best, but it does not look good at the present time.

One of my department heads commented yesterday about problems that he is dealing with in his department. I reminded him that I have to also deal with not only his problems, but I have two other departments that I have to deal with and try to make the best decisions for myself, the department, the employee and the residents of the city. But, I am not complaining, I asked for this job and am thankful that the citizens have given me the opportunity to serve in this position.

Monday, June 22, 2009

MONDAY JUNE 22, 2009
11:10 AM

I attended the annual convention of the Arkansas Municipal League in Hot Springs last Wednesday through Friday. The convention was very good. The program included information that will aid me as I serve as mayor. We had very good speakers, the food was excellent, the concurrent workshops were very informative and we had a wide variety of vendors.

I also enjoyed visiting with my friends from around the state and discussing our mutual problems and solutions.

There was an excellent discussion about the laws that have been recently passed by the general assembly that the city must implement. Don and several members of the general assembly presented the program and it was very good.

This year marks the 75th year for the AML. One of the meal functions had as guest most of the living past presidents. Several of them made short presentations about the year they served as president of the league. The league also had a short video produced about the league and the highlights of the past 75 years. The video was very very good and the audience seemed to enjoy the film.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

9:21 AM

It has been quiet at city hall so far this week. I will go to Hot Springs tomorrow to attend the convention of the Arkansas Municipal League. I look forward to the meeting. I will get to visit with my friends from around the state. I will also get to visit with some of the vendors who sell products to the city. I will be in charge of one of the sessions on Thursday afternoon.

Amy came to Wynne over the weekend. It was good to get to visit with her for the two days she was in Wynne.

This past weekend was Farmfest celebration in Wynne. The activities were moved back to the old section of town this year. Overall the move worked out well. There were a few glitches, but overall I think that it was a successful event. I work, as I have for several years, the 5K race and walk. The numbers were down from the numbers that have participated in the past, but the race/walk was a success. After the race, Pat and I enjoyed pancakes. The veterans committee uses this breakfast as one of their fundraisers. We enjoyed the pancakes and visiting with citizens and the race/walk participants.

The wedding and cemetery business has been slow for me for several days. I have not had a wedding or a funeral for several days.