Saturday, June 30, 2012

3:00 PM

I have finished the inside of my garage.  I have the ceiling and walls completely installed.  I have installed the heater (I DO NOT NEED IT NOW---IT IS OVER 100 DEGREES NOW IN IUKA).  I now need to install some shelving for all of my stuff and arange the space so I can use the space that is not used for storage.  It was nice working in the shop this week with the AC.  Yesterday I had insulation blown in the attic.  I have carried on of my  XM radios to the shop.  It is good to have access to more than one station on the radio.  My radio in the shop will only pick up one station in the shop building.

I cleaned up and washed Pat's Explorer this morning.  It still looks good when it is clean.

Amy has a few days off (including some vacation) and she plans to come to Iuka today and can stay as much as six days.  That will be determined by calls she may get from the funeral homes she does trade work for.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2010
2:00 PM

I have been working on my shop this week.   I have most of the walls insulated. I also have installed about one half of the paneling.  I have installed the ceiling, except for one piece.  I did not buy enough.  I have the insulation for the ceiling, but I will install that early one morning when it it a little cooler.  Right now it is 95 degrees in Iuka. 

It is dry here.  It has been several days since we had any rain.  The yards are beginning to die.  Last week is the first week that I have not cut the yard since we move here.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

SUNDAY JUNE 17, 2012
1:00 PM

This has been another odd weekend.  Amy planned to come home yesterday and stay till this afternoon.  Early yesterday she got a call from the funeral home in Arkansas that she does contract work for.  They had a body for her to embalm.  She went to Arkansas and did the job and then came to Iuka.  She got here about 4:30 PM.  We were at Pat's brothers for a family outing with food.  We all had a good meal and good visit.

We came home about seven last night.  The plan was for Amy to take me and Pat out for dinner today.  About 10:00 PM she got a call from Arkansas, they had a job for her.  We discussed going last night, but the body had not been released in Memphis.  Amy decided, after talking with the Arkansas funeral home,  to go this morning and do the work.  That was OK with the funeral home.  We decided that we would all go out for breakfast and then Amy would go to Arkansas.  We went to breakfast and then we came home and Amy headed to Arkansas. 

Amy  got about sixty miles form Iuka and she got a call from the funeral home.  The family had decided to cremate the body, so there was no need for Amy.  Amy came back to Iuka.  The plan now is for Amy to take us for lunch after all.

Yesterday I cut a hole in one of the walls for my new AC.  This afternoon Amy and Pat helped me install the AC in the wall.  It works super.

Friday, June 15, 2012

FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2012
9:00 PM

The workers were here and finished the job.  They completed the gas line installation and installed all of the lights.  I had them move the plug for the air conditioner.  I am going to put in the wall rather than the window.(long story)

This afternoon I went to Corinth and bought a new air conditioner for the shop.  I will install the AC then I will put in the insulation and wood on the walls and ceiling.  When I complete that I will try to get the shop arranged for use.  I can use it now, but most of the stuff is still in boxes.  I plan to discard some stuff to make room for the items that will be placed in the shop.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

8:45 PM

The electricians have been here the last two days.  Today they finished the wiring of the shop.  The only part they have to complete is the lights.  They have also been working on the gas line to the shop,  They have completed about 80% of that job.  The only reason that they did not finish was we needed more gas line than we thought we would need to complete the job.  They bought all of the pipe in Iuka, which would have been enough if the gas line was where I thought it was located. It was not located where I thought so they had not bought enough pipe and it was too late to go out of town to purchase more pipe when we discovered my mistake.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6:00 PM

Last Thursday afternoon I went to the lake for the first time since we moved back to Iuka.  David, Tommy, and I rode around the lake for about two hours in David's boat.  We all had a good time and I enjoyed spending time with them.

Last Friday Pat and I went to Florence for supper.  We had a good meal and then we went to Sears and I bought a new tool box.  The one I have is fine, but I needed some more tool storage.

Last Saturday Pat and I went on the car club cruise to Selmer.  There was a car show.  We drove over and then looked at all of the cars.  After that we went to our neice's home.  She lives about ten miles from Selmer.  She and her husband have just moved to their home.

I have worked in the yard the last two days.  Yesterday the electrician came and worked about two hours on my garage.  They planned to come back today and have everything completed.  They never showed up.  They will be back sometime.

Pat went to Florence today for a Red Hat meeting and lunch.  She said that they had 15 women to go.  She enjoyed the outing.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

12:50 PM

Yesterday I got the last three pieces on metal for the outside of my garage.  I installed it on the building yesterday afternoon.  I am glad that all of the metal is on the outside.  I still have a few pieces of trim to attach to the building, but I will have to have some help to install the trim.

Amy and Matt planned to come to Iuka yesterday for a visit.  About the time they were going to leave she got a call from the funeral home in Arkansas that she does some contract work for.  They went to Arkansas and she did the work and then they came to Iuka.  They got here about 9:00 PM.  This morning about 8:00 AM she got a call from the funeral home in Memphis that she does contract work for.  They had a job for her.  

We ate breakfast and she took a bath and left about 10:00 AM for the job.  She hated that she did not get to spend much time at home, but she was glad that she was able to make the money for her work.

It seems like everytime she comes home she gets a call from one of the funeral homes that she does contract work for to do a job.  We told her that she should come home more often, she might get more work.  She enjoys coming home on her off days, but she needs the extra work that she is able to do for the two funeral homes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

8:15 PM

I worked inside my garage today.  Yesterday and today I build some shelves to put all of my stuff on.  I completed them this morning and arranged the stuff on them.  I will build a few more when I get the wiring, insulation and walls installed on the side that I plan to heat and cool.  I am very pleased with the shop so far.

When  I finished the work in the shop I did a little yard work.  We had some winds on Monday and I picked up sticks from the yard and burned them.  After that I cleared a small spot near the drive way.  I removed some vines and briers.  I then burned them.

I have to go to the surgeon in Tupelo on Thursday.  He though that I would be completely healed by now, but it  has not completely healed, so I will go back on Thursday.  It is almost healed, but not completely.  He told me that if it was healed I could call him and not come back, but it is not completely healed.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

4:20 PM

I went to the Baptist Brotherhood breakfast this morning at my church.  We had a good breakfast and a good devotional.  This is a monthly event at my church.  I always enjoy going and visiting with men of the church and hearing a good devotional.  I try to go every month.  I have missed a very few since we moved to Iuka.

After I got home I finished putting the siding on my garage.  I only like three pieces and that part of the work will be complete.  ( When I ordered I did not order enough)  I will order the three pieces next week and complete the job.  The outside is complete except for some trim that has to be installed.  I will have to have some help installing the trim.

When the electrical is complete I will start on the inside.  I need to install insulation and ceiling and walls.  I am not in a rush to complete that part of the job.  I also have to build some shelving and arrange all my stuff.

Friday, June 1, 2012

7:40 PM

I did yard work today.  I did some mowing and weed eating.  It rained here for several hours last night.  It was cool today and there was no dust to deal with.

The electrician was supposed to be here today to wire my shop.  I have not heard from him today.  I have used him in the past and he always shows up when he is scheduled.  I feel sure that he will be here the first part of next week.  If he does not show up, I will give him a call.