Saturday, January 19, 2013

6:55 PM

Amy has revovered from her back problem and has returned to work.  She had several days of pain, but appears to be back to normal now.  She has been off work since Dec. 1, 2012.  She is glad to be back a work.

The weather was nice here today.  The temp was in the low 60 degrees and this afternoon I worked in the yard.  I moved a lot of stuff out of site on the back part of the house.  Last week I cleaned up an area behind the old horse barn.  Today I went through the stuff I had stored around the barn.  I moved most of it behind the barn.  The stuff is still in area, but you cannot see it unless you walk to the barn and look behind the barn.

Thursday and Friday of this week I installed quarter round in the bathrooms.  When we had the new floors installed I told the installers to throw away the quarter round.  I purchased new quarter round the week the floor was installed, but I had never installed the new.  I cut, stained and varnished and then installed the new quarter round.  It makes the bathrooms look mutch better.


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