Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3:30 PM

I went back to the doctor in Tupelo last week.  I had thought that he was going to do a procedure, but he decided to wait.  I will go back the last of January and he will make a decision on that date.

I have been enjoying my heated garage for the last several days.  I have spent quite a bit of time in the garage.  I have added some more shelves and unpacked an rearranged some of the items in the garage.  I still have to unpack some of my stuff from Wynne, but I have most of it arranged in the shop.

Amy is still off work with her back.  She thinks that she will go back to work late next week.  She had to go to the doctor on Monday.  She thought she had the flu, but it was not.  The doctor gave her some shots and medicine.  She is doing much better today.

I have been going to the coffee shop several days a week.  I enjoy visiting with the guys.

It is in the middle fifty degrees here today, but it has rained just about all day.  The temp for Saturday is predicted to be 73.  If it is that warm I will probably do some work in the yard.  I need to pick up some limbs that have fallen during the last few weeks.

Tommy has bought another accounting firm.  He plans to combine the two businesses in to one.  This new firm has a large amount of tax business, so he will be very busy from now till April 15.  He is excited about the additional business.  He has done some tax work over the years, but his tax business will greatly expand.  I am proud for him.

Pat has purchased an i pad.  She is learing how to use it.  She has wanted one for a while and now she has her very own.

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